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a trip to the petshop

For the final weekends Gandelow Gang classes the kids got to make their very own ‘goldfish in a bowl’. It was so cute. First they got to make and mix some plaster, and Grainne and I poured the mix into cute little fish moulds ( I couldn’t resist buying the moulds on my last visit to IKEA- knew we’d use them at some stage). Within minutes the kids were oooing and ahhing as the fish were popped from the moulds and quickly got busy with making them their own.
- With oil pastels and a layer of ink the kids painted their goldfish bowls
- With cocktail sticks in hand they etched little eyes and scaley lines onto the fish bodies
- Each little fish took on a life of it’s own then with different coloured inks and gold paint. The ink dried really fast into the absorbent plaster.
And when dry each of the kids got to fill plastic bags with their bowl and new pet fish and carry them home to meet the rest of the family :)
blub blub blub

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8 Responses to “a trip to the petshop”

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  2. fabulous: what a super idea.

  3. imakehens says:

    thanks Kelly *hugs*

  4. joan g. says:

    What a cute idea! What kind of plaster do you use?

  5. imakehens says:

    Hi Joan – I use plaster of paris

  6. joan g. says:

    Thank you!

  7. Jeanine says:

    What a super creative idea! Just wondering though: Did kids use oil pastels, as in the ‘crayons’? WHICH ‘ink’ specifically? IE-like calligraphy ink, or have I just got the wrong idea completely, it’s been known to happen, maybe daily even… And, WHAT product did you use to seal the fish after using all such types of ‘inks’? I have been pinning some fish bowl ideas for months but nothing has struck the cord like THIS ONE–I just want to get it right? THANKS!! Happy Summer :D

  8. Michelle says:

    Hi Jeanine – the kids used oil pastels and just normal water soluble ink as a wash over the oil pastel. On the fish they used watered down poster paints and gold paint which just soaks into the plaster. We didn’t seal the fish as they were touch dry in a matter of minutes but you could use a clear varnish if you wanted.

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