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Fun Art Project For Kids: Mixed Media Collage

By Meri Cherry

I want to introduce you to a very special creative now, blogging friend Meri Cherry, who I have long admired for her bright, fun and kid-tastic projects – my favourites just have to be her fabric resist art pillows (wow), duct tape hobby horse, cardboard sensory boxes for toddlers and toddler painting wall. Her house looks like an awesome fun house to be growing up in – can I magic myself smaller and come stay for a while Meri :)

I am so excited to be working alongside Meri and 18 other inspiring craft bloggers on the publication of the first MollyMoo ebook, due to be published after the summer (more on that later of course :)

Meri is a mom of two cuties and works as an arts and crafts teacher in Hollywood, California. On her blog of the same name MeriCherry she shares such simple and fun art project ideas, crafts and family fun. Meri’s ArtPlay Group is just amazing and oh how I wish we lived closer when Molly was younger so she could have experienced the joy of play, engagement and exploration of the senses that are part and parcel of Meri’s group.

If you have children under the age of 5 you defiantly need to be following Meri – subscribe for her post updates on her site and you’ll find her on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter.

Today Meri is sharing a gorgeous art project for kids with us, a Mixed Media Collage Project – an absolutely gorgeous, simple and accessible craft project for any home and classroom. There are so many possibilities and it’s great for kids of all ages (adults too, ahem!) All you need to gather together (after a trip to a thrift store) are
– large sheet of water colour paper
– watercolour paints
– comic books, magazines, old picture books, anything your child will find interesting
– craft glue
– scissors

art project for kids mixed media collage

Over to you Meri……

Hello! I’m so excited to be getting crafty on mollymoo today! I have been a long time fan so this is a big thrill! I blog about arts, crafts and family over at Meri Cherry.  Yes, that is my real name.  It was a bit of adjustment at first, but now I thank my husband for it all the time.  I have two young children, Gigi and Diana, and we do a lot of art. Since my children are so young, I’ve thrown myself head over heels into process art. We do our best to focus on the process, not the product, though it’s super great when the two collide. Here is a little taste of the things that go on around here. Enjoy!

A lot of people consider Pablo Picasso the founder of collage, the art of attaching different materials to a flat surface. This particular collage is a two part process.

The first step

First get an oversized piece of watercolor paper. It doesn’t have to be oversized, but in this case big is really fun, plus it gives you plenty of space to work and create with.

Get out your favorite watercolor set and enjoy some time painting all over the paper. Our favorite way to make watercolor art is with a partner. Ask a family member, babysitter or friend to sit down with you and help you paint. Pick your favorite colors or go for all the colors. Have fun collaborating together. Take turns or paint side by side. Let your watercolor dry completely. If you have a sunny spot nearby, this usually takes no more than ten minutes or so.

art project for kids mixed media collage

The next part is the collaging

I am a thrift store junky. I love finding old art and design books that would cost waaay more in a retail shop. You can usually find really interesting and beautiful art books for less than a few dollars at your local thrift store. The images in the pics here were found in a book about color theory I found for 95 cents. The images were amazing. If you have a young child, 2-4, you can precut images for them. Make a bunch so they have a nice amount to choose from. If your child is older, invite them to sort through a book and cut out their favorite images. You can use comic books, magazines, picture books, anything your child might find interesting. Set out the images next to the watercolor paper with the craft glue and invite your child to glue the images onto the watercolor. My almost three year old chose these images from a pile of precut designs. She placed them throughout the paper and glued them on herself.

art project for kids mixed media collage

art project for kids mixed media collage

Collage can tell a story, reflect a mood, and open up your imagination. It is a great project to do independently or with a friend. There is no right or wrong to collage. It’s a free form craft, which is high on my list of awesome things to do with kids. Oh, and of course framing your child’s masterpiece is always a special treat. Have fun!

art project for kids mixed media collage


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