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Carpet flavoured yogurt

I’ve been somewhat MIA over the last few days taking care of a sick little fairy….and when she’s sick my anxiety levels go through the roof. I cannot deal with the worry of high temps (36.9 at one stage), the constant battle to get her to take even a spoon of calpol, oh and the sleepless nights – for eveyone!

She had been pretty run down after having thonsilitis earlier this month and this left her battleweary and unable to fight off the nastiest virus EVER doing the rounds currently. She complained about her tongue stinging last week and I dismissed it thinking it was just the latest excuse to get out of finishing her dinner, but on Friday she had two ulcers at the tip of her tongue and by Sunday her whole mouth was covered in ulcers. At this stage she hasn’t eaten in three days, getting fluids into her is a constant battle and today she was limp in my arms as we went to her GP for the second day in a row. Then around 4oc she sat up like Lazarus, spoke and smiled for the first time in two days…and I watched in utter bliss as she painted ever Barbie fingernail, toenail (and face) with nail varnish, mastered her water squirting skills and then moved onto the kitchen to bake a cake – the cocoa powder will never come out of the kitchen chairs…and I don’t care :) My little fairy is over the worst I pray :) click on to watch the origin of ‘carpet flavoured yogurt’

I heard Peppa use this description recently in a new episode when one by one Pedro, Peppa, Danny, Repecca & Co all developed a cough and Doctor Brown Bear spooned out the magic medicine to a chorus of YUCKS. Other descriptions of Dr Bears syrup include ‘custard and old socks’ and ‘an old shoe filled with jam’ – genius.


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