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craft photography – what works for me

I have been asked many times how I get my craft tutorial images bright and white, so while photographing a few projects this weekend I thought it might be a good idea to photograph my set up and equipment and share with my fellow bloggers and friends, in the hope that pictures explain better than words. I am certainly NOT a photographer, I wouldn’t even call myself an amateur – I really haven’t a clue – so this is just a post to share what I use, the gadgets that make it easier, what works for me :)

What I use when photographing small crafts and tutorial stages

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I love how forgiving my iphone is of indoor low light so I’ve ‘tooled up’ on some basics from my iphone 5 – a iphone tripod to eliminate shake (my hands are getting shakier year on year!!) a simple little cable trigger/remote shutter, so I can just press the button and not touch the iphone (again not letting my shaky hands anywhere near it). And recently I found this pocket reflector which bounces the daylight back onto whatever I am photographing to boost the highlights and minimise harsh shadows….. it’s brilliant, best toy ever!!.

I also treated myself to a macro lens, so I can get super close to the detail. It magnetically attaches to the iphone – absolutely brilliant.

I love my iphone toys and the big bonus is that they are all so light and portable, they come with me everywhere, in a simple drawstring pouch.



And for finished craft photography and larger crafts I take to the outdoors for some natural light.

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Natural light is the best light so to take advantage of it, whenever Mother Nature co-operates, I set up a pretty basic little booth, propped up on a stool or small table, whatever I lay my hands on first.

I use one sheet of foamcore for the base, and two foamcore sheets taped together on the seam to create an L-shaped background. I use this over and over and over again. The background is propped up from behind with whatever’s close at hand, to prevent it blowing over and getting damaged if there’s any little gust of wind.

I have a cheap-as-chips lightweight tripod (I think I paid about €27 for it a few months ago), entirely necessary to eliminate my shake and blur, and my camera is a Nikon D3200, a baby entry level SLR that for the most part is set at ‘auto’ !!

After all that Mr Photoshop takes over for any additional tweaking necessary.

and finally……

here is the MollyMoo craft nook, an unused bedroom that I wrapped my arms around a few weeks ago, and decorated with some DIY wallpapering and the help of some simple and inexpensive IKEA shelving and desk. I love this room, I would gladly tootle away for hours in here, without a care in the world, were it not for the usual domestics. It’s a little space to call my own – and a place Molly and I can come and go to work on this and that, without having to clear everything away for dinner. I don’t miss the kitchen table, and I think the feeling’s mutual xx

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