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My Posh Hens – new papier mache craft

It always happens, I start a new post and go blank, hands poised over the keyboard, waiting…… what word to start with? how should that word lead to the next ? {pause} and so I begin not knowing if I will return and completely rewrite :)

Introducing my new Papier Mache Craft Design, a slim and poised Posh Hen, with ideas far beyond the coop – look she’s even wearing a crown!!.
Made of two pieces of mounting board and a coat hanger, yes a coat hanger!!, she is an accessible hen for crafty and non-crafty ladies alike.

papier mache hens

Materials you will need to make a papier mache hen:
one sheet of mounting board, stapler, paper tape (or masking tape), newspaper, coat hanger, paint and a pliers.

You will need two hen sides cut from a sheet of mounting board. The pattern can be accessed here

-papier mache hen tutorial
Staple the two sides together, once or twice at each side
papier mache hen tutorial

Tear some newspaper into strips and stuff in between the sides, from the top, just enough to give the hen a slight belly swell – to give her a bit of a 3D profile. (excuse the bands on my wrists – I had been wearing a wrist support strap and removed for the photo!!)

papier mache hen tutorial

Now staple up both sides, leaving the curve of the back open.

With a pliers bend one end of the coat hanger over and back until it breaks, and you are left with an ‘n’ shape, and insert into the legs.

papier mache hen tutorial

Use the paper tape to seal up all edges and cover over the staples

craft tutorial, papier mache hen

Now the ‘little bit’ messy part – apply one or two layers of papier mache, just one layer worked fine for me as the mounting board is so rigid – the reason for papier mache is to give you a smooth single texture/finish surface to paint on and it also streamlines the structure.

craft tutorial, papier mache hen

Finally it’s time to play with paint and use your hen as a blank canvas
If only I could paint I would recreate one of masters on the sides of the hens – just imagine… a pop art hen, a Seurat hen, or the rolling landscape in David Hockney’s “Garrowby Hill”. I’m gonna need to make more hens….. and buy the book “painting for dummies”  tee hee :)

but in the meantime I’ll stick to my signature polka dots and stripes…..

craft tutorial, papier mache hen

craft tutorial, papier mache hen

craft tutorial, papier mache hen



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