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cupcake anyone?

The tables were turned here a bit at the weekend – Molly took the lead and came up with *her own* craft idea and I had to *follow* her instructions!! (the power went to her head at times). I was of course a willing pupil, very chuffed that she had come up with this on her own…

Anyhoo as girlie as only a girl thing can be, her craft idea involved cupcakes and decorating :)

read on for Molly’s recipe and decorating instructions….

Ingredients: cardboard, white tissue paper, kitchen paper, red crepe paper, gloopy glue, paint, mini pom poms and glitter

The Step by Step:
– draw a cupcake onto the cardboard, case and top separately, and cut out
– now cut narrow strips of cardboard and stick to the paper case to make it look like the little ridges
– stick the cupcake top to the case with glue
– brush on a layer of PVA mixed with a little water
– paste on one layer of tissue paper torn into small pieces to bind everything together and leave dry

– paint the icing part white and the case yellow (you can pick your own colours, I had to do what I was told)

and now this step I got permission to add in to make the cupcake a little more realistic with drippy icing…
– soak strips of kitchen paper in PVA and twist twist twist into long rope like strips, and drape from top to bottom of the icing area, adding a little more PVA as you go to make sure it sticks in place, and let dry
– paint a small piece of red crepe paper with PVA and scrunch together for the cherry

Decorating Your Cupcake:
– paint over the entire iced top one last time, very gently over the rolls so you don’t flatten them
– stick on some pom poms for the chocolate chunks and glitter for the sprinkles

and now it’s time for the party.
Thank you Molly for the craft lesson :)

Some of the Step by Step Photos
not the best as all I had was my camera phone and it was in danger of being confiscated!

the white tissue layer is dry

after painting over the tissue layer, PVA soaked kitchen paper is draped on. Red crepe paper socked in PVA makes the cherry on top :)

chocolate chunk pom poms and glitter added

looks good enough to eat :)


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