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DIY Cereal Box Notebooks

Molly loves to journal, secret journal that is, top secret stuff that only her very best friend is allowed to read! It’s very sweet and frightening at the same time as my baby is growing up ‘way’ too fast. Slow down baby girl, slow down.

To break up a little summer holiday boredom when the rain started to fall we decided to make some cereal box notebooks, one for each of her friends of course :)

Cereal Box Notebooks For Kids

Here’s all you need to make some notebooks of you own are:
cereal boxes, white paper, washi tape, buttons, embroidery thread and stickers to decorate

Tools: hole punch, needle, craft knife and ruler.

Let the fun begin:

Start by cutting the cereal box cardboard cover into the size notebook you want.

Cereal Box Notebooks For Kids

Lay the cardboard cover over the sheets of white paper and punch through a few holes on the fold.

Cereal Box Notebooks For Kids

Next decorate the edges of the cover with washi tape.

Cereal Box Notebooks For Kids

Stitch the cover and white pages together with the embroidery thread.

Cereal Box Notebooks For Kids

Then just fold over the notebook…

Cereal Box Notebooks For Kids

…and trim off the excess white paper to give you a nice neat notebook. Punch two small holes on the front cover for the button, approx 1.5cm in from the edge.

Cereal Box Notebooks For KidsSew the button on the front cover.

Cereal Box Notebooks For Kids

Punch one hole on the back cover and plait a few lengths of embroidery thread, securing one end on the inside of the cover with a knot.

Cereal Box Notebooks For Kids

Use the embroidered plait to loop around the button to open and close the notebook.

The funnest part for kids is next, decorating the cover with cute and colourful stickers. Molly received these pretty stickers as a gift from my friend Cathy of Nurturestore two weeks ago- we just had to do them justice :)

Cereal Box Notebooks For Kids

Cereal Box Notebooks For Kids


Cereal Box Notebooks For KidsHappy Crafting, Happy Journalling…… all secret like! :)





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