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Don’t Wake The Shark – Matching Pairs

I’ve created a new DIY Game – a slight twist on the conventional matching pairs!!

“Don’t Wake The Shark”

The race is on to find the missing clown fish… but don’t wake the shark, or he will eat up your turn…

The game involves printable tiles to glue onto cardboard, and the object of the game is to find the only pair of clown fish in the quickest time….. but if you turn over a shark you miss a go!! dun dun dun!!

I’ve spent many an evening over the past two weeks road testing the game with Miss7 and it’s been great fun. The hidden shark tiles really add drama and trepidation to the game… and oh boy Molly is such a sore looser  :)

diy matching pairs game

Where to Start

Download the game tiles here (two A4 pages)

Print the two pages onto white card stock.
Glue the pages onto cardboard and paint a thin layer of Modge Podge over the surface.
Leave to dry.
Paint another layer of Modge Podge over the raw cardboard side and leave dry.
When the modge podge is dry cut out the square tiles.

DIY matching pairs-

The modge podge seal will make the tiles last that little bit longer and ensure they don’t pick up any ‘all telling’ little stains or flecks of dirt that will help the clever kiddos identify the tiles too quickly, wink wink!!
-DIY matching pairs game recycled cardboard by Michelle McInerney of MollyMoo


How To Play

Shuffle and lay out all the tiles graphic side down on the table.
Each player takes turns picking up two tiles, and keeps the matching pairs to one side.
If a player turns over a shark…. they miss a turn (expect a tantrum :)
The first person to find the ‘only’ matching clown fish pair wins…. and mommy gets to choose the prize.

DIY matching pairs game recycled cardboard by Michelle McInerney of MollyMoo


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