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DIY Toys – Cardboard Cone Binoculars

Cardboard cones discarded by commercial dressmarkers and sewing/knitting companies are a sturdy and versatile crafting material for making DIY Toys – they work perfectly for handmade dolls, penguins and other animals, or traffic cones for racing toy cars… and today we made super cool neon binoculars, because we are ALL about neon at the moment! and plan on spending much more time outside as soon as the weather heats up a bit (it still feels like winter here!)

DIY Toy Binoculars – no paint, no mess, make in 10/15mins tops!

diy toys


The materials list is really short for this one:
– cardboard cones (or just use toilet roll cores, kitchen roll cores instead)
– scrap of cardboard
– glue gun
– twine (I had some neon parachute cord waiting for me to do something with it!)
– duck tape (any household tape, washi tape will work just as well)


Start by gluing a little cardboard stint between the cones to hold the eyes pieces at the correct distance apart for your child’s eyes.

diy toys


Wrap the ends with duck tape

diy toys


I cut slits in the tape the whole way around the curve and folded the tape over in tabs so it would lie neater, no puckers!

diy toys


Then carefully wiggle the point of the scissors through each side of the binoculars

diy toys


And thread in the cord/twine, knotting to secure on the inside.

diy toys


And finally use the duck tape to decorate.

diy toys


For some cool and trendy binoculars for checking what’s up, what’s down and what’s all around xx

diy toys


diy toys

Time to spy on the neighbours I think! :)

diy toys


diy toys


diy toys

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