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Easy Easter Bunny Craft – Paper Bag Pinata

By Leslie Manlapig

Looking for a fun and unique Easter activity? Why not make these paper bag Easter Bunny Craft Piñatas with your children? They’re so easy, kids of all ages can help out! Use these alongside Michelle’s super sweet printable Easter treat boxes and you’re sure to have a cute and fun-filled Easter celebration!

Easter Bunny Craft


Materials Needed:

  • Brown paper lunch bags
  • Scissors
  • Hole Puncher
  • Stapler
  • Post-it Notes (I used around 80 small ones)
  • Pretty decorative paper
  • Transparent Tape
  • Masking Tape
  • String
  • Goodies
  • Sharpie Marker
  • Cereal box cardboard


Now let’s make a paper bag piñata!

1.  Trim about an inch off of your lunch bag (for aesthetic reasons) and cut out bunny ears from your cereal box cardboard.

Easter Bunny Paper Bag Pinata


2.  Cut out a small rectangle on the bottom of your bag. Then, cut out a slightly larger rectangle from cardboard.

Easter Bunny Paper Bag Pinata


3.  Punch holes out of your cardboard rectangle. (I used this piñata with 3 young children, so I punched out 3 holes, one for each child). Then, use masking tape to hold the pieces of string in place.

Easter Bunny Paper Bag Pinata


4.  Loosely attach your cardboard rectangle to the bottom of your bag using transparent tape. You want the rectangle to be secure enough that the goodies won’t fall out. But, make sure it’s not too securely attached. The kids still have to be able to rip the bottom of the bag off! (I initially used masking tape, but found that it was too strong -t he poor kids couldn’t rip the bottom open!)

Easter Bunny Paper Bag Pinata


5.  Use post-it notes to decorate your bunny’s body and ears! Start by covering the bottom of your bag or ears with post-its. Then, keep placing row after row of post-it notes until your area is covered. Add on eyes, nose, a mouth, and a bow-tie. Repeat the process with the ears. Use scissors to trim excess bits off.

Easter Bunny Paper Bag Pinata

A couple of notes:

  • I didn’t cover the back of the bunny’s ears and body. You could if you wanted to, but my kids didn’t mind.
  • I didn’t cover the top bit of the bunny’s body because I wanted my staples to be hidden by post-it notes.


6.  Gather your goodies and fill your bag. I used chocolate, blowers, stickers, packets of sparkles, and cut up pieces of tissue paper to fill my piñata. (The blowers and chocolates were the favorites amongst my kids!)

Easter Bunny Paper Bag Pinata


7.  Staple your ears inside your bag. Then, cover the exposed portion with post-it notes. (Optional: Place a piece of masking tape over the top of the bag to make it sturdier. )

Easter Bunny Craft


8.  Punch a hole in the middle of your bunny’s head and tie on a string.

Easter Bunny Craft


And you’re all set to party and spread some good Easter vibes to the little ones!

Easter Bunny Craft

I hope you have a fun time making this project with your kids!

Happy making!

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