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Try it: Felt Storybags

When Halloween is behind us it will be time to turn our attention to Christmas – yes it’s that word!! and the countdown will begin.

I’m going handmade again for the holidays and with that in mind I *finally* took out the IKEA sewing machine I impulse bought a year ago and gave it a whirl last week. Now it’s way too early for a new obsession to take hold :) but I must admit I did enjoy it and below is my second attempt…… now if I could make it, anyone can xx

Felt Storybag

Storybags make books fun and help bring stories to life – a sweet kids handmade shoulder bag designed to bring along their favourite story book when traveling or just a quick excursion. The little finger puppet reading buddy acts a wonderful role play companion for children to read with…. and act out the story







How to make your own Storybag

Materials needed:
4mm felt, craft felt, fabric glue and thread (I sourced the 4mm felt from BloomingFelt in the UK)

Start by cutting out the main panel, straps and pocket from the 4mm felt.


Sew on the pocket first, leave as one big pocket or two smaller pockets.



Next sew the straps on the reverse side.


Finally sew up the sides and cut 2 hearts out of the standard craft felt and attached with fabric glue (don’t put too much glue or it will stain through the felt)



Tip: for the beginning and end of each line of sewing pull the thread from one side through to the back and knot to prevent any fraying, and rather than cutting off the thread close to the knot thread the surplus thread through a hand needle and run it up along the middle of the seam to hide. Cutting thread close to a knot will weaken the knot.



Finger Puppet Reading Buddies


I just used standard thickness craft felt to make the little birds. Cut a very simple rectangle shape with one domed end and sew around the edge, inserting little thin scraps of the 4mm felt into the head and beak area as you sew your way around.

Trim the beak to a point with a scissors and curl the hair around the barrel of a pencil.

The black eyes are just sewn on.

enjoy making


What are your children’s favourite books ? let’s chat in the comments



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