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First Aid Course – 23th Sept

Marion Morrissey of SafeAid is running another first aid course for infants and children, thursday 23th Sept from 7 until 10pm at the Limerick Parent and Baby Centre in Eastway Business Park (where MyGym used to be). Ph 502300 or 087 6735565 for more information

“I recently taught a first aid class to parents which included how to relieve choking. I got a call 3 weeks later to say how one of the participants had saved a four year old boys life by doing the abdominal thrusts which led onto CPR. The child was choking on a mushroom. The child is now fit and healthy thanks to quick thinking and intervention!”
Marion Morrissey, SafeAid

SafeAid Tip: 31/5/10
Once an infant aged 0-1, child aged 1-8 or an adult aged 8+ stops breathing for whatever reason they only have 3 minutes before the brain starts to die. CPR is the only answer, it’s a very easy skill that everyone should know. Common cause’s for children to stop breathing include drowning, choking, head injuries etc.

SafeAid Tip: 13/6/10
Infants aged (0-1) who stop breathing
The greatest fear any parent has when they leave the maternity hospital is what if the baby stops breathing. An apnoea monitor is a fantastic piece of equipment but if the monitor goes off what do you do?? Once an infant stops breathing they only have 3 minutes before the brain starts to die. The most important thing is to recognise that the infant is not breathing by checking for a response. If the baby is unresponsive check for breathing and if the baby is not breathing open the airway and give 2 breaths and then start 30 chest compressions. Continue this cycle 30 compressions and 2 breaths for 2 minutes then you call 999 / 112.

If you would like to learn first aid for infants and children a course can be ran in your own home or as part of a group. Call Marion Morrissey on 061 502300 or 087 6735565.


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