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21 Fun Home Science Experiments For Kids

These cool projects and easy ideas are perfect for kids to have fun with at home and school, using simple ingredients from around your house. From cloud jars and giant reusable bubbles to glowing flowers and elephant toothpaste your kids will be discovering the world around them, and more importantly, smiling from ear to ear while they discover and explore with these cool home science experiments!

home science experiments for kids

Galaxy Slime: hours of stretchy fun!
Get the skinny on making fun and glittery slime for hours and hours of fun sensory play from the lovely Stephanie of Twodaloo

Learning About Trees with Wooden Train Tracks
Tree track! Tree track! just beautiful.
via play-trains

Cloud Jars
An engaging sweet activity to practice fine motor skills, focus and coordination, all while learning the very basic concept of how clouds hold water and when they become too heavy it starts to rain.
via learnwithplayathome

DIY Glowing Flowers
Can you change the color of the flower by soaking it in dye? Click through to see the trial and error methods this mum used to arrive at this almost galactic effect.
via funathomewithkids

Paper Building Blocks
Simple paper building blocks are a great way to demonstrate engineering to kids.
via babbledabbledo

home science experiments for kids

Play Recipe: Giant Reusable Bubbles
Sometimes an activity has no other purpose than to be awesome. The perfect screen-free fun activity for all the family!
via twodaloo

Exploring sense of smell and taste
The kids will enjoy making a chart of their taste and smell tests and looking at the results so they make their ‘scientific’ conclusions!
via muminthemadhouse

Small World Play: Dinosaur Land
Think building a sandcastle, but with mud, food coloring, bicarbonate of soda and water… watch the kids reaction when they see what happens when they squirt in some vinegar!! yeah!
via thecraftykitty

Physics for Kids: Water, Mirrors, and Reflections
A fun and simple exploration of reflection for preschoolers.
via mynearestanddearest

Exploring Balance With Bottle Cap Mobiles
Such a fun project for kids to play with balance and counter weights with some left over bottle caps and wire.
via mericherry

home science experiments for kids

Preschool Chemistry Lab
Fun new ways of exploring baking soda and vinegar science principles. Kids always love anything that involves scooping, pouring and dumping :)
via suzyhomeschooler

Marshmallow Science Experiment
What happens to water after colored marshmallows are dissolved in it ? lets investigate!
via fantasticfunandlearning

Ladybug Science with Kids
Run instead and grab your bug set and observe your ladybug visitors – every child’s favorite bug!
via theeducatorsspinonit

Water Bottle Fountain
This fun experiment allows children to see that air takes up room and is always present even though we can’t see it.
via learnwithplayathome

Science for kids – sink or float
A fun way to learn about buoyancy. It requires nothing more than a glass of water and a lemon, and the results might surprise you!
via oneperfectdayblog

home science experiments for kids

Overnight Crystal Garden
Time to discovered Epsom salt crystals….leave them overnight and wake up to magic!
via babbledabbledo

Egg Drop Challenge
The egg drop project is such a fun way incorporate critical thinking and problem solving into a fun science activity for kids.
via buggyandbuddy

Elephant Toothpaste!
With a name like Elephant toothpaste – how could it not be awesome, right?
via funathomewithkids

DIY Stethoscope Tutorial – Learning About Doctors
Some of my favorite activities and ideas to help kids learn about community helpers.
via fantasticfunandlearning

Two Color Oil and Water Discovery Bottles
Using all edible ingredients this is a safe science activity for preschoolers to make on their own.
via play-trains

home science experiments for kids

Leak Proof Plastic Bags
An awesome and extremely easy Kid’s Science Experiment. Your kids will spend ages trying to see who can insert the highest number of pencils into the bag without water leaking out!
via pagingfunmums


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