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Handmade Christmas Tree Decorations

Fun and cute easy to make papier mache christmas tree decorations – Santa, Fox and Penguin.

If you are planning to decorate the nest this weekend then you might like to make the tree more merrily and bright with these handmade decorations. From a simple egg shaped papier-mache shell the options for decorating are limitless.

All you need is newspaper, wallpaper paste (or just pva glue), paint and some string and beads for the feet.

continue reading for the step by stepĀ  – aren’t they cute :)



Papier-Mache Stage One:
I found a plastic egg around the house, a leftover from some toy or other and started by covering the egg in a layer of Vaseline to make sure the shell slipped off with ease when dry. I then made up a little bowl of wallpaper paste with some pva mixed in (my usual papier-mache recipe) and ripped up some small newspaper squares. I papered on three layers of newspaper for each shell to ensure they would be as robust as possible and last for a few years.

Papier-Mache Stage Two:
When completely dry I teased the shell off the plastic egg mold, trimmed the end with a scissors to straighten the base.

I then roughly drew on the facial lines as painting guides for each character.

It is important to let each colour dry before applying the next to create clean edges between the colours. I use acrylic paint instead of poster paint for more opaque and vibrant results.



Should you wish to attach legs like I did just cut a length of roping or string and wrap a piece of wire around the middle. Then poke a very small hole in the top of your egg and feed the other end of the wire through. I then used a little pliars to curl the top of the wire to create a loop at the top to take the hanging string or ribbon. I got the really nice silver beaded string for hanging in Hickeys Fabrics Ireland.


Whats Next?:
I have a few more shells drying now for Molly to get creative with, now that she gets what her daft mother was doing with the eggs and newspaper. I can’t wait to see her usual unique take on things :)

14 Responses to “Handmade Christmas Tree Decorations”

  1. What a fantastic idea to use a plastic egg as a mould. Brilliant. I LOVE the finished result. Stunning.


  2. Wow, these look so professional. I might have to give something similar a go, although I am sure my six and seven year old’s could do better than me!

  3. Love these. So simple and so many different options. Will be doing these with the girls :)

  4. T says:

    I love these! We are going to give them a try this weekend! Thanks for sharing!

  5. sonja says:

    wat ontzetten leuk idee hoop dat je nog meer van deze ideeen hebt vriendelijke
    groeten sonja klemper

    translation: what an astonishing nice idea, hope you have more of these ideas
    Sincerely Sonja Klemper

  6. Pinterest911 says:

    These are so adorable. I am going to give them a go with my little one and an Easter twist. Will be back with the link up so you can see the results:D

  7. mollymoo says:

    sounds great – can’t wait to see xx

  8. I was wondering if a person could use flour, glue and water for paper mache’ projects instead of wallpaper paste. I don’t have any wallpaper paste and don’t intend on buying any, because I just want to make some small Christmas ornaments as above. Thanks a lot,


    Lorraine Curtiss

  9. Michelle says:

    Hi Lorraine, I haven’t tried any flour recipe sorry so I can’t advise you on this one I’m afraid.

  10. […] Papier Mache Santa, a favourite on our tree for the second year running […]

  11. Cassi says:

    Such a great use for those ubiquitous plastic eggs! I’m featuring this in an ornament round-up at The Crafty Crow soon!

  12. Michelle says:

    I cannot thank you enough Cassi, so so great, I can’t wait to see your round-up which knowing you will be ‘the definitive’ xxox

  13. Edna says:

    Love it, love to find your website, now I will not miss your post. Thank you for sharing your gift.

  14. Kaila says:

    I love it !! It is so dang cute and looks easy and fun to make.
    Thank you for sharing :)

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