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Try it: Heart of Hope Dreamcatcher

Dreamcatchers make for the perfect charm to hang above your children’s beds to protect their hopes and dreams as they sleep, from nightmares and unsettling thoughts.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve never been a huge fan of the traditional dreamcatcher, laden down with feathers. But any craft can be given a fresh spin and a modern interpretation and I hope that’s what I’ve published here today.


Protecting our Children’s Hopes and Dreams

heart-of-hope-badgeSome weeks ago I was invited by World Vision Ireland to create a craft for parents to make with their children for the Heart of Hope campaign, a campaign designed to raise awareness of World Vision and their work in bringing hope to children in the world’s hardest places, such as Mauritania, Kenya, Swaziland, Tanzania, Uganda and Sierra Leone.

The needs of Maasai children in Kenya in particular is a subject very close to my heart, born out of my involvement with another charity project, so of course I was delighted to get involved.

I settled on the idea of creating a special heart themed dreamcatcher, integrating the orange campaign colour… the finished dreamcatcher is all wrapped up and enroute to Northern Kenya for a special little Maasai girl that I sponsor, to hang in her Manyata home, to project her hopes and dreams for her future, and those of her family.

Also involved in the campaign are celebrity chefs Donal Skehan, Derry Clarke and Neven Maguire, they have each donated a winter warming recipe –  you can download the craft tutorial and recipes here


Here’s how to make a Heart of Hope Dreamcatcher for your children

Materials Needed: embroidery hoop, coat hanger, wool, embroidery thread, beads, fabric glue, felt and string

Step One: Making the inset heart
Use a pliers to remove one side of the coat hanger and mold to make a heart shape. I use a coat hanger instead of modelling wire as it’s super strong and holds it shape (and it’s free from the wardrobe!!) – modelling wire is very soft.


Dreamcatcher-how-to-make1 Dreamcatcher-how-to-make2 Dreamcatcher-how-to-make3

Next wrap the wire heart in yarn/embroidery thread, seal the ends in place with fabric glue, no need to knot





Now you’re on to the main hoop, start looping your main wool around hoop and heart, holding the heart in position with one hand – I preferred an off centre position.

When you have looped the thread all the way around introduce one strip of a highlight colour on the narrow side (if you positioned your heart off centre as I did). Again seal your wool ends with fabric glue instead of knotting to keep a clean and streamlined finish.

Now it’s time to add beads to the heart – I was lucky enough to find small beads the same tones as my overall colour pallet in my local craft store, what beads you choose is entirely your preference :)



The final step is adding the hanging strings. I used basic butchers twine, looping three lengths around the bottom of the embroidery hoop. Again I glued the ends together to avoid any bulky knots and threaded into a bead to hide the joins.


And then I just started adding beads, mini pom poms, twine hearts, buttons and leaves cut from craft felt.

I made the twine hearts by soaking a few lengths of twine in fabric glue, wrapping the soaked twine around cookie cutters and leaving to dry overnight. Simple but very effective :)



and there you have it….. the combinations of beads to felt etc is entirely up to you and what you have at hand…… my mini pom poms and spiral beads are my favourite accessories :)

Dreamcatcher-how-to-make9 Dreamcatcher-how-to-make10








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Every year millions of children do not make it to their fifth birthday because they die from something as simple as a tummy bug. These little boys and girls have their whole lives are ahead of them and their deaths could be easily prevented. World Vision Ireland wants you to help them raise awareness of this heartbreaking fact and show you care by carving a heart of hope in your Halloween pumpkin this year – click here for more information on how you can WIN by sharing your heart creations



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