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Taking you behind-the-scenes of artist Grainne Moloney’s special Owl workshop at the Granary Library yesterday evening. MollyMoo was one of the 25 eager and focused kids that made wide eyed paper owl pinatas, with the help of their parents (when allowed!). Inspired by Grainne’s ‘mother owl’, the children got to work and followed the well thought out steps to make their own little night owl friend (our one called ‘tooty fruity’ is having some pretty eyelashes added at the moment :)

As a special treat the kids were asked to each write their name on a paper feather and stick it onto ‘mother owl’ which stays on in the children’s section of the library as a memento of their work. Well done to the library staff and Grainne for including the smallies on Culture Night. The long table and chair arrangement worked really well.

It was a big novelty for Molly to be ‘up after dark’ – It was only 7.45pm but she was amazed driving home seeing all the car lights, street lights and colours reflecting off the clouds for the first time! “oh mum it’s so fancy now, it’s like a lighting up city, wow wee”

Click on for Grainne’s step by step tutorial

Before your start prepare your materials: cut triangles of different coloured paper, a diamond shaped piece of yellow paper or felt for the beak and the paper wing shapes.

Step One: secure a piece of string in the centre of a piece of cardboard

Step Two: thread the string through a hole in the base of a brown paper bag

Step Three: make a 2″ fold at the bottom/open side of the bag

Step Four: turn the bag over so that the string side is underneath and glue two cupcake cases near the top

Step Five: In the centre of the cases glue two circles of black paper. Glue the yellow beak under the eyes

Step Six: Now starting at the bottom of the owl (do not unfold) start gluing a line of colour paper triangles/feathers

Step Seven: Continue building up the layers of feathers, slightly overlapping each line as you go

Step Eight: Glue on paper wings and triangle ears and leave to dry

Step Nine: fill with yummy treats and seal the fold with strong tape.

download A4 printable instructions here


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