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Guest Post: Tooth Fairy Pouch by CurlyBirds

Anyone who doesn’t like cuteness should look away now for what follows is about the cuteness darn craft I’ve seen all year. Handmade felt tooth fairy pouches by Helen Bird of CurlyBirds.

When I started blogging on MollyMoo just over two and a half years ago Helen’s blog, aptly named after her sweet curly haired twins Kira and Nola, came into view. What started as a one sided awefest quickly grew into a strong virtual friendship, a friendship which becomes all the more real this month when Helen and family come visit, from their home in Tennessey.

I’m delighted that my beautiful friend is guest posting on MollyMoo. And if you head over to Helen’s blog, you will find a new MollyMoo craft and tutorial!! two for the price of one special :)

take it away Helen…

When Michelle asked me to create a felted project for MollyMoo, her daughter had just started losing baby teeth. I saw an instagram picture with Molly’s precious little tooth all wrapped up in tissue paper and ready for the tooth fairy. We all know that Molly is VERY keen on fairies, and I felt sure she would love a special pouch for her offerings. So, I made Molly (and my two girls who both have a wiggly tooth) a tooth fairy pouch – I’m looking forward to giving it to Molly this month when we visit Ireland for the first time!

Tooth Fairy Pouch



Wool Roving
Embroidery silk in two colors
Fabric (5” x 2”)
Milk jug or yogurt lid
Washing-up liquid
Plastic wrap (cling film or saran wrap).

Using a flat piece of plastic (cut from a milk jug or lid of a yogurt container) cut out a pattern. It should be 2” x 1.5”.

Tooth Fairy Pouch 2


From the roving, gently pull 3” long wispy pieces of wool. Wrap the wool around the plastic pattern. Wrap more wool in the opposite direction around your pattern. Continue wrapping layers at 90 degree angles to each other until your pattern is covered and feels squishy (you can always add more wool later).

Tooth Fairy Pouch 3


Mix in a generous squirt of washing-up liquid with hot water (the hotter, the better). Dunk the wrapped roving into the soapy water. Gently squeeze and shape.

Tooth Fairy Pouch 4


To quicken the felting process, wrap the roving in plastic wrap (also called cling film or saran wrap). Rub the roving a lot between your hands. The roving will slowly begin to congeal and become smaller and tighter. Repeat dunking, squeezing, rubbing, and adding roving until you achieve your desired thickness.

Tooth Fairy Pouch 5


Rinse in cold, clean water and let dry. Once dry, take the pattern out of the pouch.

Tooth Fairy Pouch 6


For the Liner:

Use 2 strands of brown embroidery silk to stitch sleeping eyes onto the front of the pouch.

Tooth Fairy Pouch 7

Using the pattern as a guide, cut out two pieces of fabric (1). Fold down the top of the fabric and iron the fold down (2). Sew a little piece of ribbon onto the wrong side of each fabric piece. Place the fabric right side together and sew around the edge of the fabric to form a pouch (3).

Tooth Fairy Pouch 7 Liner-

Place the fabric liner inside the felted pouch. Attach the liner to the pouch by sewing around the top of the pouch with 2 strands of coordinated embroidery silk.

Tooth Fairy Pouch 8

Wiggle and wiggle your tooth. Wiggle it some more!

Tooth Fairy Pouch 9


Helen Bird is the creator of CurlyBirds, a blog devoted to crafts for children and the art of play. Babble’s Top 50 Mom Craft Blogs

You can also find and follow Helen here:
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