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“make it more piratey mom”

This ‘make a pirate ship’ project started out as a simple enough idea – a boat for Molly to play out her Pirate Captain & Crew adventures on – and of course, as always, I got carried away with the detail. Two evenings later, covered in glue and paint, the ship was pushed down the slipway and launched with no great fanfair! no champagne and cheering crowds, just a glass of orange juice and a cocktail sausage!

The pirate ship could of course have been a hollowed out milk carton with a lollipop stick but I wanted to create something Molly would engage with for even longer.

She loves it, played with it for hours yesterday, and because it’s not the archetypal black with skull and crossbone pirate ship she thought it ok to welcome a group of giddy Polly Pockets onboard for a spin around the bay too. Result.

I found her under the kitchen chair at one stage…. the pirates secret lair.

A happy little person, fuelled by her own imagination
…and all it cost me was my time :)

Read on to see all the step by step photos. [read on]

St Patrick’s Day Craft Round Up

Shamrock Pinwheels
Isn’t it amazing what you can do with a little glue, pipe cleaners, and paper :)
via motherhuddle on Land of Nod
Colourful St Bridget’s Cross
Love this – made from coloured craft-store raffia instead of the traditional rushes. Click here for the step by step tutorial.

Valentine Craft Round-Up

A divine cardboard rainbow craft – defiantly doing this weekend with Little Miss. It’s beautiful.
via alittlelearningfortwo


Toilet Roll Mini Gift Boxes via inkstitch
Celery Stamped Rose Cards via homemadeserenity
Pixely Heart Pop-Ups via minieco
Cardboard heart lacing cards via mollymoo

Rolling Pin Stamps

A brilliant idea of using rolling pins and craft foam shapes to create quick layers of pattern. This would make gorgeous wrapping paper, or maybe even muslin or canvas tote bags. step by step photos via alisaburke

Christmas Crackers

LOVE the idea of making our own Christmas Dinner Crackers. I’m going to get M to make some for her granny & grandad – to fill as she wants with a little note or drawing, confetti and sweeties. She might even put in one of her peppa pig jokes what wobbles and is up in the sky?….. a jellycopter :)
Downloadable template on

Christmas Party Hats

Paint, markers, glitter, yarn, felt, whatever you’ve got. They’re fun and easy enough to let the kids go solo. via ohdeedoh

Christmas Clothespeg Craft

I LOVE these simple ideas using the humble clothespeg.
Lollipop Tree & Paper Tree


Christmas Crafting Fun

What child wouldn’t love to mix shaving foam with glue and make a snowman! the shaving cream mixture dries puffy!! :)

Mix equal parts of the shaving cream and glue. Mix well. It helps to draw the outline of a snowman with a pencil first and then gave them foam paint brushes to fill it in with the mixture. Cut out black hats and orange noses from craft paper. The buttons can be little pom poms or raisins. After the mixture dries the hat, eyes, buttons and nose can be glued on. Then let them off to decorated their picture with markers….. inspired! via KraftyKid

Make your own nativity set

My favourite craft ideas so far are for nativity scenes – the kids can play with them, keep them in their room, and best of all…they can help you make them. Molly loves nothing more than to play with my parent’s crip every year.
simple toilet roll craft or you can use spools, medicine bottle or spice jars
nativity set made from craft sticks, clay pots, wooden balls and moss
nativity set using cardboard, clothespegs and watercolours

See more of my Christmas Craft finds here on pinterest

Handmade Pressies

christmas decorationsHandmade is where it’s at this Christmas…all things handmade have been growing in popularity, especially over the past twelve months or so – just look at the phenomenon of Etsy (as regular readers will know I have huge Etsy crush).

So inspired by the early ‘white christmas’ we decided to get busy this weekend and make some xmas pressies for M’s friends – some handmade, personalised keepsake tree ornaments. I had planned ahead by picking up some oven baking craft clay, and with a rolling pin and some cookie cutters we set to work. continue reading

Baa Baa Black Sheep

What a cutie, sooooo simple and all you need is cardboard, paint, clothpegs and white wool.
click here for the tutorial
(you’ll need google translate)

autumn leaf craft

Will the ‘howler’ blowing outside tonight there will be no shortage of inspirational leaves on the ground to choose from – might need a bit of drying out first !
More examples of what you can do with leaves on ko-ko-ko kids

paper plate ghosts

Still in our pjs this morning we carried on our (rainy day) busy-ness and made paper plate ghosts from little circles of black and white paper, crepe and molly’s handprints. Girly Girl couldn’t resist transforming one into the prettiest ghost ‘ever’ with a flowerly necklace and dress, laced up high heels, painted fingernails and of course curly eyelashes !


toilet roll mummies

This seriously took about 5 minutes – we had some left over black painted rolls from last weekend but, whereas the black did add a little drama, unpainted cores would have worked just as well. Simply wrap the core up in a layer of bandage, stick on some googly eyes and then continue with the bandage, leaving just the eyes peeking out. One of our little fellos was a bit camera shy! (nothing’s ever creepy in this house)

halloween garlands

I am head over heels in love with this pumpkin garland. Imagine how cute would this be decorating school hallways and classrooms – every child draws a face, their unique little pumpkin friend. via modernparentsmessykids

I’m posting this now to give you all enough time to get organised!!%#
download printable pumpkin template here

jump on for more halloween banner ideas [read on]

halloween round-up

The first gathering of Halloween ideas – and I’m avoiding anything scary…. Halloween can be cute and silly too :)
via craftsbyamanda, meetthedubians, and thecraftingchicks

for more spooky and fun halloween crafts and free printables jump on [read on]


Endless Possibilities

With just paint, glue (and googly eyes of course) kids can transform the stones they stumble across into animals, people, or games. I love the idea of Story Stones and how cute are the ladybirds.
follow my simple craft idea board on pinterest


Simple as that

Easy peasy Easter Chick and Bunny using egg carton, craft paper and some pom poms.

And here’s another Easter egg carton chick idea – real cute

and I love these footprint ducklings from Moments of Mommyhood


Meet the Easter Egg-heads

Last year during the Easter holidays we had great fun making the egghead family and animals with some Styrofoam eggs. If you’re feeling inspired you could also make a baby egghead by drawing a bib on the body or sticking on a bit of a paper doily – and rosy cheeks on the face. Read on for how we made details

…and the Eggimals

we also made these adorable little egg-animals. I  had only a restricted range of acrylic paint colours – if only I had some white paint I could have lightened them up. We made a dog, pig and cat but the herd could be expanded infinitely e.g owl, skunk, mouse. Click here for how to details

there’s also a few Easter Chick craft ideas from montessori school here

Easter Crafts

A few simple and cute craft ideas to try out during the holidays with just some plastic or styrofoam eggs and coloured craft paper – suitable for age 3+
:: peeking bunny :: baby bird’s nest :: Paper Daffodils
:: pom pom sheep :: funny bunny hat

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FREE Easter Printables

Egg decoration ideas
Easter handprint card idea
Easter cupcake toppers & wrappers


the little people

How to celebrate St Patrick’s Day?? Handprinting is always a good way to start…and how darn cute is this!! Over the next week I will add to this little resource of MollyMoo and found crafts, recipes and fun printables for Paddy’s Day. I promise they won’t all be messy!

Handprinting How To:
• gather together some coloured paper, paint, scissors and glue
• paint the palm brown and the lower arm green
• press onto the paper to make the print and let it dry
• cut out the paper shapes for the face and hat buckle and glue
• let the kids have fun decorating the faces :)

Click here to read the rest of this article »


A gift from the heart

(I’ve watching Disney Princess CD too many times!!) Molly’s two favourite things are ‘her Noonie’ (what all the grandkids call my mum) and handprinting and there’s only so many dinner vouchers and nighties you can buy for special occasions!. So we’ve started a new tradition – for Christmas we did a hand/heart print and framed for Noonie and I just stumbled across this gorgeous alternative just now – use two different colours for the handprints to form a heart shape and with a black fine print pen write a personalised message around the edge in the shape of the heart. It would look totally gorgeous surrounded by white mounting board and a white wood frame. via TheIdeaRoom


Valentine Lacing Cards

These lacing hearts are a fun and simple way for your little ones to give a valentine to their granny, teacher, or ‘bestest’ friend. All you need is a heart shaped cookie cutter, card, red ribbon and a craft needle. When the heart is laced just glue it onto a blank card.
I cut out and punched a few hearts at the weekend and Molly laced two before moving on!…thought it best to leave plenty of time for her to make one every few days – there’s no way she could or would make four or five all together.
I bought the pack of 50 blank cards and envelopes in Silkes Stationery at Christmas for €9 – great value – as ‘everyone’ gets a card when they visit! I got the kids plastic craft needle in Hickeys.

Happy V’Aliens Day

A bit of humour and imagination for Valentines or even St Patrick’s Day. Cut out large hearts from green craft paper, fold in two and let your smallie add the character. Anything with googly eyes looks good!. via hotcakes


cabbage leaf printing

I think this is gorgeous. How to do:
1 – use sponges dipped in paint to make some sky + grass backgrounds. Let dry.
2 – dip small cabbage leaves in paint and print on white paper.
3 – when dry cut them out + glue them onto the backgrounds.
tip: I use those cheap white paper plates when Molly is in the mood for painting – just spread the paint on the plates – saves on wash up :)


Hama Beads – Maxi v Midi

Hama beads and Lego have been the most played with toys during the holidays – (last Christmas it was PlayDoh! – Santa will never learn!!).

Only Midi size beads (age 5+) are available locally so I picked up a jumbo tub of Hama Maxi size beads (for preschoolers age 3-5) on Amazon…and they are fantastic – much easier to handle for smallies and the designs come to life quicker, for those easily distracted little minds.

Top Hama Tip:
Ironing both sides eliminates curling and gives rock solid long-lasting results. Let the first side cool completely before ironing the other side.

Continue on for free + simple Angel bead patterns […]

Personalised Decorations

homepade decorations

Inspired by the early ‘white christmas’ the royal ‘we’ decided to get busy this weekend and make some homemade pressies for M’s friends – some handmade, personalised keepsake tree ornaments. I had planned ahead by picking up some FIMO oven baking clay (playdoh that hardens in the oven), and with a rolling pin and some cookie cutters we set to work. Molly LOVED, and I mean LOVED, taking time out from being a princess, a tap dancer, a hairdresser and a shoe shop lady to do this!

I got the FIMO in Silkes One Stop Stationery shop and the cookie cutter set in the Kitchen Shop, both on Catherine Street. FIMO is available in a range of colours and sparkly effects – all you need to do is roll, cut and pop in the oven for 30mins. Ta Da. We plan to ‘glitterise’ (new word) and personalise with some very important names at the weekend :)

here’s how they turned out…
homemade decorations

The Nice List

free santa lettersTo guarantee the very best behaviour between now and the arrival of our festive favourite send your believer a pre-christmas ‘be good from Santa’ letter. This worked a treat for me last year to knock some bedtime giddiness on the head! food experimenting is still work in progress!

Santa Says…
–  I want you to try a new food every week
(like yummy peas, sweetcorn, apples, eggs)
– sleep well & stay in your bed at night time
– be nice to your friends & share your toys
– give plenty of hugs & kisses to mum & dad

read on to download free customisable Santa Letter templates […]

Fab Freebies: Printable Gift Tags

Another day…another download. And for your DIY printing pleasure, here are some super sweet gift tags you can use to fancy up the pressies…no prizes for guessing which ones my little fairy will want to use!! continue on for more options and downloadable pdfs […]

Joyeux Noel – Free gift tags

Wanted to share more gorgeous free printable christmas bits I found a little while ago. Or, maybe they found me! just print on card and cut out (I use 220gm paper – bought in Silkes on Catherine St). continue on for more… […]

Craftology – Xmas Card Idea

homemade cards christmasJust happened upon this nifty little idea for homemade DIY Christmas Cards. continue on to see the tutorial video […]

Paper Ball Ornaments

christmas crafts

  • Use a scrapbooking paper that has a design on both sides.
  • Using a 3″ or 4″ circle punch to cut out the circles is much easier than cutting out each circle with scissors!
  • Use glue dots, and those worked perfectly.
  • Before stapling the circles together fold a ribbon in half and placed it on top of the crease, staple it along with the circles in the middle and at the top.

Step-by-step directions are available at Design Sponge


Homemade wrapping paper

homemade wrapping paperI’m taking the ‘handmade pressies‘ path one step further this christmas with some simple and stand out gorgeous wrapping ideas – it’s the thought that counts eh!. All you need is a roll of kids drawing paper, brown manila or sheets of coloured craft paper, some bakers twine, buttons and paint.

To keep our fingers out of the paint I glued some buttons onto wine corks, dipped them into paint spread out on a paper plate and stamped away.
spread the paint thinly so it dries quickly on the paper. Wash the paint off the buttons then and use to make the pressie even MORE gorgeous. see more […]

Xmas cards for the smallies

made by joelKids love it when we give them the task of decorating a card for someone – last year we made our own thumbprint reindeer cards, and I think they were a bigger hit than the pressies that went with them! This idea is the simplest one I have come across for preschoolers – it’s a definate one for Molly’s to give her school friends via madebyjoel

download free printable here
Print on card, cut out and fold on the dotted line. Then your little smallie can get creative with the crayons, paint and glitter – they could also glue a red pom pom on the nose too. I’ll keep adding more easy DIY cards over the next few days (give you time to make :)


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