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Izzy The Owl

bringing some extra comfort & reassurance to bedtime

Meet Izzie – Molly’s new nocturnal bed friend. Izzie’s job is to watch over M while she sleeps and whisper happy thoughts to her while she dreams, so that her night terrors fade away.

M’s night terrors started two weeks before midterm and only happened on school nights, very distressing for her and me!! so a cuddle size owl was my first thought of how I could help bring some extra comfort and reassurance to my little peanut.

I cut and shaped all the felt pieces over one evening, using jars, tubs of polyfilla! and bottle tops to outline the circle shapes, and my beady eyes to shape the rest.

Over four nights I sewed together the features for the front and then together M and I left the felt pieces at Fairy Willow’s door, for her to fill with her special magic. On Saturday morning Molly came downstairs to find Izzie, finished, with a note from Willow. We sat on the bottom step to read how Willow with the help of a few springtime fairy friends had worked on a corner each and filled Izzie with a special mix of daisy petals, dandelion puffs and fairy magic. Willow asked that Molly love and mind Izzie, knowing that her fairy friend’s love is inside…. and all I can say is ‘hook, line and sinker’. Molly dictated a mini thank you note (you have to use teeny tiny writing for fairies) and knelt beside the door for a secret chat :))
M is back in school since Monday – no night terrors – I’m holding my breath!!
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Pocket Owls

I’ve had a pretty serious owl obsession for the past 12 months – that much cuteness is pretty much untreatable! SO having tried handstitching for the first time at Christmas I decided to try my hand at making a little pocket owl – I picked up the plain felt in Hickeys fabric store and found the printed felt on etsy. Of course when Molly saw the first little cutie the following morning she ‘ordered’ some for her friends (some winking and some sleeping), and a large cuddly one for herself to keep a watchful eye over her when she sleeps :) I haven’t been brave enough to try that one yet!!

I’m not fully over my owl obsession yet, have a few more things I want to try and a few more therapy sessions…. and then my next obsession is foxes!

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ready in time for bed

Today was one of those days when I felt like I was dragged through a hedge backwards – totally drained!! so I parked myself on the couch for two hours this afternoon (while Molly was playing with her lego friends – more on that later) and made Elysia*, a matryoshka nesting doll. After owls she was the next felt toy on my list of things to try. She took a while, as I was making it up as I went along, but it was worth it to see her so peacefully resting on Molly’s pillow at bedtime.

I took some step by step photos… read on if you’d like to see and make one for your Little Miss [click here for more]


felt pockets filled with hugs

taa daa! keeping mollymoo uptodate has been a bit sporadic over the past two weeks because of these happy chappies. I decided to try my hand at making little felt pocket presents from molly’s smilie face drawings and lettering. This is my first ever attempt at handstitching – following instructions on running and blanket stitching from the incredible Microcrafts book. It was all very wobbly and inconsistent to begin with – but I’m getting there!

I scanned in M’s little drawings and list of names, printed them on tshirt transfer paper, ironed the transfer paper to one side of the felt and then stitched along the lines on the other side. I beavered away at the dinner table some nights, keen for M to see that it’s nice to put your time, thought and effort in to gifts, rather than just running to the shops everytime. Molly picked the thread colours for each little smile and helped to stuff the pockets (with hugs) before I closed them up :)

I have 10 made now, 4 more to go…got carried away as usual !!


Felt Easter Egg Cosy

It’s time for sharing :)
I made this Felt Easter Egg Cosy lastnight as a cute way for the Easter Bunny to ‘present’ Molly’s chocolate egg to her on Sunday morning (I don’t think EB is a fan of packaging !!)

So to say thanks to you my readers for your continued support of my little blog, and to wish you all a very Happy Easter, I want to share my Egg Cosy template with you.

Download the template here
the body is on one A4 and the ears on a second A4, just join together when printed and there you have it :) All I ask is that you leave a comment at the end of this post and say hi.

Cut one continuous piece of felt for each side, stitch around the body and head, excluding the ears, so that the ears flop over at either side. I glued a contrasting piece of felt on the inside of the ears for some ‘drama’, but that’s not a must. You can use a button for the eye or just stitch like I did – although one of the guys in the office thought the x made the bunny look dead (remember the x eyes on the dogs in Fantastic Mr Fox? :)


a new addition to the fleet

May 12th 2012 – With all the excitement in this house about next weekends Gandelow Races I decided to make a cardboard and papier-mache gandelow boat this weekend. It’s the first time in 65 years that these very elegant traditional wooden boats will race on the Shannon Estuary and Limerick City and DaddyMoo is on one of the crews – hoot hoot.


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