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My ‘best’ list

Here are a few favourites from the past four years and I’m happy to pass them on – best bodysuits, best nightlight, best doll, best photographic print lab…I hope you find them useful.

Best Bath Products
Recommended by M’s GP: Use Emulsifying Ointment as a soap substitute and moisturiser instead of Aqueous Cream – aqueous is just a soap substitute and dries out the skin. Her other tip was to use a capful of Hydromol under the running tap.

Best Immune Booster & Vitamins
I started giving these jelly ‘gummy bears’ to M last winter and they transformed her. No more endless runny noses :) She even loves the Omega3 ones – thinks they are ‘fizzy jellies’

Best Photographic Prints:
– I order all my family snaps from this site. It’s very simple to upload the pics you want to print, select quality, size and finish, and in the letterbox them come in about 4 days. My favourite finish is matt with a white border – I haven’t been able to get the richness of colour or quality anywhere else. Prices start from just 6c for a 6×4″, with free delivery if you are spending €15 or more.

first dollBest Doll
Introducing ‘Tufty’ – the only doll that hasn’t been thrown in the corner. Tufty, a name I gave her because of the little tuft of hair on top of her head, is extra soft and light so M has been able to play mum during the day and cuddle her tight at night time. This blue eyed sweetheart’s real name is Krümel from (€24.95) –  come neutral to be dressed as a boy or a girl :)

Best Nightlight:
M got this gorgeous little fella from her godmother nearly two years ago. It’s called SPÖKA and is from IKEA. The light is turned on and off by pressing the ghost’s head (M thought it was an octopus) and it shines for 4-5 hours with the battery fully charged. When M was in the cot the soft red glow was instant reassurance for her – I used to wedge it between the bars in the corner – then when she graduated to ‘a big bed’ about two months ago it moved to the step beside her bed, so if she did have to get out of bed during the night her little friend was lighting up the safe way down (I will upload a photo on Monday).

Best Bodysuits/Babygros:bodysuits
I seriously wish I had found these earlier than I did – after much online searching I finally came across bodysuits in sizes bigger than 92-98 (max size stocked by Mothercare, Next etc). I wanted to keep M in bodysuits until she was potty trained (not a fan of the gap between the t-shirt and top of the nappy) and these were great because with the extra length between the legs and double row of poppers they grew with her and didn’t shrink. You can get them in strappy, short sleeve and long sleeve – just €28 for a pack of four from (one of the most efficient and reliable online retailers I have ever come across – only problem is they have too many incredible things you will want to add to your basket).

Best Craft Supplies – Crayons

Stabilo Swano: chunky wax crayon, colouring pencil and watercolour all in one. M just dips the top of the crayons in water and the colour glides on so vividly and effortlessly. Brilliant. I bought these online but Stabilo is a well stocked brand so you should be able to get in any good stationery shop or craft shop.
Carioca Art- 3D glitter pens: M is on her second packet of these squeezable tubes. They have a fine nib end so the gooey glitter can’t go all over the place – she loves decorating princess dresses with dots, swirls and the letter M of course. I write the names of her cousins and friends on their birthday card envelopes and the 3D glitter gets more of a reaction than the card (or present). Available from Silkes Stationery Store, Catherine Street.
…to be continued


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