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No Sew Easter Crafts

Easter has landed a little early this year – Meet Foofles, the Easter Bunny’s sister (Molly is in charge of the naming department!) – a happy little glove bunny that thankfully went to plan! Made from a simple ball of paper with papier mache skin and craft felt she can so easily make her way into your playroom too.

hop on to see the step by step photos and video of how Foofles came to be

No Sew Easter Crafts
Glove Bunnies

How to make the head

Step One:
Scrunch up some newspaper or left over wrapping paper into a egg shaped ball and secure the shape with cellotape.

Step Two
Use the handle of a wooden spoon or similar to create a hole at one end (to secure the felt body in later)

Step Three
Smooth one or two layers of papier mache over the egg shape and leave to dry.

Scrunch up a second little ball for the nose, tape it on to the head and papier mache over to seal on the nose

Step Four
Mix up some skin colour paint, paint the head and leave dry

Step Five
With a thin brush and black paint (or a permanent Sharpie marker) it’s time for the kids to add the bunny’s face, Molly decided Foofles had to have a bright red nose.


How to make the puppet’s skirt

Simple watch the following video tutorial to see how easy it is and the steps involved and below you’ll find the written instructions (haven’t figured out how to add step by step instructions to the video yet!!)

Materials needed: two sheets of A4 felt for the body and ears and one sheet of a contrasting colour for the belly, paws and inner ears. Felt is a perfect craft fabric as it doesn’t fray when cut.

You will also need some fast drying fabric glue and one white pom pom.

Step One
Lay the two felt sheets one on top of the other. With a marker draw out the shape of the body on the top sheet, leaving a long neck – you need the longer neck to glue up into the hole in the base of the head.

Next draw the ears on the felt and a semi-circle about twice the diameter of the head, which will be needed for the covering the back of the head. Don’t fret about drawing the semi-circle too large as you will be trimming it after it’s glued into position on the head

Step Two
Cut out the body and ears. Use the fabric glue to secure the right and left edges of the body

Step Three
Now draw and cut the smaller belly, paw and ear inset shapes on the contrast felt or fabric and glue down on the body

Final Assembly :)
Glue the semi-circle onto the back and sides of the head, smooth down as best you can to get it as flat as possible, no puckers. Trim around the edges to perfect the shape.

Now glue on the ears

Finally squirt in a generous ‘dollop’ of fast drying glue into the hole (I used a glue gun) and with the body on my left hand and the same wooden spoon used to create the hole stuff the elongated neck into the hole. Then glue the fluffy white pom pom on the back for the perfect bunny tail :)

Take a bow…. you got a no sew bunny glove puppet – perfect for a Easter craft and any time of the year.

With this basic head and body formula you could create every and any conceivable puppet character option, like a pig, chicken, giraffe and dog of course.

I really hope you enjoy this craft and please do share your creations on my facebook page





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