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Outdoor Decorating – birdhouse DIY

For this project, I am delighted to be partnering with Outspiration to take crafting outdoors for a change and try decorating some plain store bought birdhouses. Pretty birdies deserve pretty houses right!.

Birdhouse decorating ideas by Michelle McInerney of

For all of you who love outdoor decorating and garden DIY this app may be your dream come true. You can take a photo on your phone of your garden shed, patio furniture or front door or walls, upload it to the app and visualise the colour before you lift a brush – be ‘Outspired’ about what paint colour to actual buy. And you can check the weather for the next few days to plan when the best conditions for painting will present themselves.

My project was very small in scale but perfect for trying out the app’s Visualiser function for myself.

Before trying the painting option I had to first get a desire to decorate the first birdhouse with my pyrography set out of my system. Into the wood I etched an inspirational message for the birdies and on the sides some gorgeous flowers inspired by this image on Pinterest. I used Cuprinol Wood Stain to add some rich colour to the detail – it was surprisingly like using watercolour paints. I’m going to experiment more with this over the summer I think.

Birdhouse decorating ideas by Michelle McInerney of sponsored post

Birdhouse decorating ideas by Michelle McInerney of sponsored post
Birdhouse decorating ideas by Michelle McInerney of sponsored post

For the second birdhouse (we have alot of beautiful birdies to home :) I decided on paint….. with signature MollyMoo polka dots. You can never have enough polka dots in your life!

And this is where Outspiration came into its own. I uploaded a photo of the plain store bought birdhouse and with a little trial and error marked out around the area to be painted with light taps on the screen. It was easy to click, hold and move the points for accurate mapping of the shape. I then repeated the process to cut out the little circle opening.

Birdhouse decorating ideas by Michelle McInerney of sponsored post…and then started playing with the paint colour choices available. Depending on whether your project is wood, metal or masonry the paint options will vary.
Birdhouse decorating ideas by Michelle McInerney of sponsored post

In the end I chose Cuprinol Garden Shades, Pure Jasmine for the base coat and Coastal Mist for the polka dots.
Birdhouse decorating ideas by Michelle McInerney of sponsored post
Birdhouse decorating ideas by Michelle McInerney of sponsored post

All in all I found the app super easy to use. I only had a small little project in hand but I can see how the Visualiser tool would come in handy if you wanted to visualise¬†patio projects and larger areas of fence, wall etc before you purchased the paint. You can download the Outspiration app here, it’s compatible with iphone only.

To celebrate the launch of the app the developers, AkzoNobel, is giving away a barbecue to inspire you to being their Outspiration journey outdoors. The competition starts today, April 29th, for two weeks. To participate all you need to do is download the app and enter your details in the WIN section of the app.

This post was kindly sponsored by Outspiration App, but all opinions about this app, the choice to support them, and the project itself are my own.


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