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Papier Mache Pizzas

By far the hit of this week’s summer camp were these papier mache pizzas. I think it was the possibilities for trickery that got the kids more excited than the actual making of them :)

The creative little crew, all aged between 5 and 9yrs, mastered every step, and were so eager to get everything right to make their pizzas as ‘believable’ as possible for when they got home to their hungry daddies. I had made up demo pizzas the night before to illustrate each step and this really helped the kids visualise what they needed to do and how. Starting with pre-cut cardboard circles they rolled their newspaper sheets, taped them down all around the edges and then glued on their cardboard toppings – circles for pepperoni, squares for ham and pineapple, and a few mushrooms on the side….. check out the inspired ‘chip and chocolate’ pizza for the non calorie counting ones amongst us – brilliant :)


jump on for all the step by step photos and instructions on how to make your own pretend play pizza-
Step One: cut out the circular cardboard base, use thick box cardboard instead of a cereal box. Roll a sheet of newspaper tightly on the long edge, twist the roll and tape down with masking tape along the edge or the cardboard circle, from the centre of the roll outwards. Tuck the tape flat into the inside curve so that the next tissue layer will lie flat on the base and crust.

Step Two: rip some kitchen paper up into strips and then divide each strip into three. Mix PVA with a little water and paint over the entire pizza base and crust with a generous layer of the gloopy mix. Then add one layer of the kitchen paper over the entire pizza, base and crust, using the glue brush to make sure the paper gets into every corner. When papering over the crust run the strips in the same direction as the tape and wrap the edges underneath to seal everything together and cover over the gaps.

When this layer is dry the texture of the kitchen paper really makes the dough crust look ‘real’.

Step Three: pop open the paint :)
red base for the tomato sauce, some yellow for cheese
brown for the crust and finally the toppings



salami, ham and mushroom….-



Thanks to Dominos Pizzas for the boxes which made this craft all the more real and engaging for the kids. After tricking dad the pizzas are laying in wait for cousins, friends and anyone else who dared vists :) Project inspired by Mr Maker.

This was Molly arriving home with hers, she pulled her hood over her head and had me paint on a mustache and beard with some lipstick in the car before ding donging :) Unfortunately DaddyMoo is not a good actor!! so grandad is next on the trick list…..


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