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Quick Craft: Craft Stick Bracelets

I’ve seen many versions of this on Pinterest and really had to have a go…. it seemed like the perfect quick and simple craft to try at home, summer camps, brownie groups and playdates. Molly has had plenty of little plastic and wooden bracelets since she was a smallie and never showed more than a fleeting interest in anything, other than the bracelets she has had a hand in making herself (papier mache bracelets)

popsicle-stick-bracelets-finishedHow to make craft stick bracelets

Materials needed: a handful of craft sticks, hot water and a glass.

First boil the kettle and soak the craft sticks in the hot water for 30mins or so. Pick out one and try bending gently to see if it’s pliable enough. If not leave them soak for a bit longer, emptying out the water and replacing with freshly boiled water.

Other tutorials I have read suggest soaking in cold water for 3 days min but I’ve tried it both ways and find that the craft sticks are much softer and less likely to split after soaking in hot water.


When soft enough it’s time to very gently mold the stick between your fingers into a curve, continue manipulating to expand the curve.

craft-stick-shaping1 craft-stick-shaping2 craft-stick-shaping3 craft-stick-shaping4


Next gently ‘persuade’ the curved popsicle stick into a glass. I used a glass to achieve a children’s size bracelet.

craft-stick-shaping5 craft-stick-shaping6 craft-stick-shaping7


Leave the glass by an open window to dry. Mine were good to go after about 12hrs (overnight).

When dry ease them out of the glass and admire :)



Bracelet Decorating Options

The simplest option is wrapping the band with printed washi tape – this is by far Molly’s favourite finish. She gets her instant gratification that she likes so much :) and there’s no mess…. so no need to help mom clean up!


A very pretty option is to wrap with contrasting embroidery thread. Punch holes on both ends of the craft stick with a thumbtack (go gently so the stick doesn’t split) and thread through with embroidery thread, finished with beads, as a way of securing around the wrist.



And my favourite option…. cut narrow strips of masking tape and use to create patterns on the bracelet, then paint between the tape, let dry and peel off the tape to reveal your lovely pattern.









Molly has now decided to make the bracelets her ‘special drawing bracelets’…. let the drawing nuggets flow :)





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