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Santa Gifts – the hits & misses

How did Santa Gifts fare in your house this year? what were the gift hits and misses? If Santa had to do it all over again would he bring the same gifts?

Well for us, thankfully, Santa did ok – his gifts were a resounding hit. Molly’s wishlist had just one big ask of the man in the big red suit – a Lundby Dollshouse – and she must have been at the top of the good list as, lucky her, there was the house waiting for her under the tree on Christmas morn. All sorts of senarios have been unfolding in the house since the 25th and every day the rooms get rearranged. I love nothing else than to hear her yapping away in her playroom, having a three, and sometimes four-way conversation between all the little characters – parents coming and going from work, children ‘taking a break of school’ and babysitting ‘royal’ grandparents. Nine times out of ten they will be really posh :) I have to say however that if buying the dolls again I wouldn’t go for the ones that can supposidly be dressed – they can’t – not unless you are willing to give up an hour of your life every time someone wants to change a t-shirt, several fingernails and another hour trying to get the dolls arms back into their sockets!!

Coming in a close second was the gorgeously cute Moulin Roty Little Wardrobe Suitcase, a surprise gift from me (see below!!). I had bought three of this irresistibly beautiful toy, one for Molly and the others for very very special friends daughters. The dress up wardrobe was a ‘huge hit’ in all three homes. A keepsake gift for sure. Moulin Roty or Maileg is always first on my shopping list every year.

Then as a small stocking filler the Djeco Potato Stamp Set has proved to be a great source of fun for Molly and her playdates over the holidays – they loved creating daft spud dudes on a variety of backgrounds – the ski slopes, the beach, an autumn walk and indoors.

Note to self for next Christmas – order earlier, only browse the internet when Molly is not peering over my shoulder with a sudden compulsion to say the word ‘want’ every minute, and hide ‘all’ Santa gifts in the attic (two days before Christmas Molly opened the boot of my car, she had never done that before, and found the Wardrobe Suitcase!! so Santa had to come up short and I took the credit!!)


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