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Shoe Box Puppet Theatre

During this ‘back to school new shoe’ time of year – spare a thought for all those discarded shoe boxes. They can be useful, they want to be useful – and rather than just leaving Molly’s behind us in the shop this year or using it for organising Polly Pocket outfits I decided to give a shoe box a chance, a chance at a bright new future, a chance to be a star!!

jump on for the step by step photos and instructions for making your very own finger puppet theater – and if you don’t happen to have a shoebox ask for one in your local shoe shop… they’ve got loads :)

How To Make A Shoe Box Finger Puppet Theatre

StepOne - the box base
- Open out the box flat and cut a circle in the back
- Shape the fold-down side flaps into curtain shapes

Step Two – the box lid
- Cut a rectangular opening in the box lid, leaving approx 1″ all round
- From the left over piece cut three half circles, one larger than the other two

Painting & Decorating
- paint the outside of the box and lid and leave to dry
- use a contrasting colour to add pattern or detail (I used a wine cork dipped in paint to create the polka dot pattern, reversing the colour combination for the centre large semi-circle)
- when this layer of paint is dry glue the semi circles to the top of the box (I used copydex for quicker drying)
- now paint the entire inside of the box  black
- and glue some fabric or paper onto the curtain flaps

let the show begin :)

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  1. crosspecans says:

    a cereal box works well too

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