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If you’re heading to the park during the mid term break for a bit of welly wandering, or looking for some outdoor fun between the showers, then continue reading for a few ‘find and bring back‘ ideas and downloads to use during the week.

Of course you’ll need to bring along your binoculars! so grab some toilet rolls and glue together with some craft paper, decorate with your markers and stickers and tie on enough yarn to hang from your neck :)

Wellies are like super-powers for feet!
They let you splash in puddles, wade through gooey mud and paddle in cold streams without getting icy toes :0)

Welly Wander: what do you paddle in, wade through, jump in or splash?
Welly A to Z:
What do you see, smell, hear and feel on your welly wander?
Treasure Hunt Scrapbook

These fun downloads and more are from Nature Detectives: a great resource for downloadable nature detective templates, scavenger hunt ideas, wildlife spotter sheets, bird spotting activities and more

Download a printable template to make your own nature detective sheet here

Some ideas for Find and Bring Back…

– A pinecone
– A flower
– Leaves from 3 different trees
– An acorn or nut
– A seed
– Something that is red
– A piece of wood
– Something shiny
– 3 different colored stones
– Something made out of plastic
– A feather
– Something that begins with the first letter of your child’s name
– A Y-shaped twig
– A blade of grass
– A leaf with insect holes in it
–  Some mud
– A clover

and a list for the little ones

- something that is hard
– something that is round
– something that is soft
something that is square
- something shiny
- something with holes
something that is long
something that is plastic
something you can tear
– something that grows
- something smelly
– something you can draw with
- something you can draw on
something that makes noise

Let the kids use their imaginations. If they can make an item they find make noise; it counts. If they bring back a leaf to write on, it counts. via scavengerhuntfun


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