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Springtime Crafts

30MIN CRAFT: DIY Birdhouse

I didn’t know adhesive backed felt existed until Wednesday when a box of crafty bits arrived from ButtonHead Crafts for us to try. I thought it might make a quick and mess-free alternative to papier-mache…..and Molly had been asking for a birdhouse for the robin in our garden so the two ideas met :)

We used M’s colouring pencil pot (ready made hole) and taped two triangles of cardboard to the front and back. Then we cut too squares of cardboard and taped together for the roof.  I cut the sticky-back felt sheets, Molly got to peel off the backing sheet (very sticky, and very exciting) and together we eased it on, one side at a time, smoothing out the air bubbles with our pinkies. I used a glue gun to stick the roof to the walls and…with a breadknife! sawed the end off an IKEA colouring pencil for the bird stand(now that’s upcycling :)
Molly decorated the roof with some pink sticky foam shapes and I made the daft decision to punch circles out of a white stick-back felt sheet to polka dot the base – that took up half of the total build time as the sticky dots kept getting stuck in the punch, but I had to finish what I started!! Staying with the sticky felt I then got out the crimping scissors and cut some narrow strips for some final detail.
Molly decided to hang the birdhouse in the toilet! quite how the robin is supposed to get in there I’m not sure :)

paper plate cupcake daffodils

A simple 5 minute craft to brighten up everyone’s day – all you need are some paper plates, mini cupcake liners, buttons and some paint. For the stems we just rolled up A4 sheets of paper, stapled them closed and painted.

Molly gave each flower a little spritz of daddy’s aftershave when they were finished – sniff sniff, yeah :)

Buzzing Around



I love this cute garden mobile idea made from the humble can and some garden wire. click here for the step by step instructions from lowescreativeideas


Egg Carton Flower Wreath

How inspired is this – turn the parts that holds the eggs into various flower shapes. Some with rounded petals, others fringed. And used the flat top and sides of the egg carton to make leaves. Then get out the paint for the smallies and let them get busy….. jump on over to homemadeserenity for all the ‘how to’ steps and more photos.


Pom Pom Lamb

pom pom craftIt’s springtime again! This simple image was fun to create with just coloured paper, paint and pom poms (cotton wool balls would look better – fluffier and not as uniform as pom poms). Just paint an oval for the body, another oval for the head, with ears, and four wobbly legs!! then let them off with the craft glue and pom poms. Drag white paint across the paper for the grass and you have it (I added the flowers for effect but they’re not necessary!!).


Baa Baa Black Sheep

What a cutie, sooooo simple and all you need is cardboard, paint, clothpegs and white wool.
click here for the tutorial
(you’ll need google translate)



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