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Try it: superhero crafts for kids

I am quietly celebrating in MollyMooland that my Little Miss has for the first year decided to dress as something other than ‘a witch’ for halloween, there was only so many black pointy hats I could take!!

This year it’s all about super heros and super powers, thanks to her new favourite movie “Sky High“, set in an airborne school for heros and sidekicks, starring Kurt Russell (2005). And her superhero of choice is none other than glamourpuss herself, Wonder Woman (she loves seeing programmes and cartoons that I used to watch when I was ickle). So while I get busy printing stars on a pair of shorts and buying gold braid for her ‘lasso of truth’, I decided to make her a set of hero and sidekick painted wine cork characters to act out all the outrageous sky high adventures and transformations from an average hero/sidekick kind of day….

meet the heros


The Masked Menace (a kind of annoying boy wonder character), Wonder Woman and her on/off boyfriend Superman


meet the sidekicks (or hero support as they like to call themselves)


Speedy, MoonBoy and Banana Man (names picked by Molly of course)

according to Molly:
Speedy can cross plants in a flash!
MoonBoy lights up in the dark so heros can find their way!
BananaMan shoots banana skins out of his sleeves to trip up the villains :)

What useful and resourceful sidekicks to have around I’m sure you will agree.

When last I checked all six were perched high on the wall in Molly’s room on a picture frame, un-phased by dizzying height, waiting for the next mischief to unfold :)

Words like ‘target’, ‘help’, ‘evil twin’ and ‘Ow’ can be heard from down the hall – I love it when a plan comes together hahahahahah!!


Superhero crafts for kids don’t come any cuter than this….

11 Responses to “Try it: superhero crafts for kids”

  1. My son want the same funny heros when he saw it :) I do like the idea well done :)

  2. Natalie F says:

    Your daughter has great imagination. How cool that she chose to be a superhero this Halloween. Thanks for sharing your new cork crafts with Afterschool.

  3. Just like all your crafts – so, so adorable. Thanks for linking this up at After School!

  4. This are so stinking cute! Love em

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  8. Chris says:

    These would make great game pieces!

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  10. Teresha says:

    Can you please tell me what kind of paint you used? Tempura, acrylic? Thanks!

  11. Michelle says:

    Hi Teresha, I used acrylic paint.

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