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Those coughing nights!!

Every kid I know seems to be coughing at the moment, including M. Coughing nights stress me out!!. Here are a few things I swear by to relieve the symptoms of a headcold and coughing – leading to a full night sleep (for all!!) – nobody can function in this house without sleep!

Cot Blocks- Bed Blocks: I prop the bed up at varying angles, depending on how bad she is. I bought these stackable blocks from the GroBag company when M was a baby and have gotten great use out of them. They are a little safer than the telephone directory! and I found that when I just put a pillow under her mattress that she ended up sliding downwards until she was mashed up against the cot bars and I had to keep going in to move her back up.
Vicks: I rub a little into the chest and upper back, and when she is asleep I dap a little onto her nostrils to keep the breathing clear
Karvol: I sprinkle around the sides of the bed, at each side of her pillow
Teedex: a friends GP told her to give her daughter a spoon of this at bedtime as it was a good cough suppressant. I have tried and it REALLY works
Benylin Cold & Cough Remedy: The day I see M’s nose starting to run I give her a spoon to ‘nip it in the bud’ (green box)
Humidifier: a doc-on-call gave me this tip on an emergency visit about a year ago. Brilliant for putting moisture back into the air and relieving dry coughs. I picked one up in the local pharmacy and it’s really made a difference, particularly in Winter when the heating is on.


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