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Toddler Logic

Funny things kids say – a record some of the funny things M has said that made us smile, even laugh out loud – her toddler logic that we never want to forget and never want to loose. Kids are so….(ahem) honest.

Here’s another reason to visit Adare…

‘…it’s where the three little pigs live

classic backseat Molly (I’ve started carrying around a notebook) more logic here

At bedtime tonight M asked if we could ‘go to the hair shop tomorrow’ so her granddad could have hair at the top of his head like her…adorable

Why wasn’t I at your wedding? – was I in your belly?

Molly: ‘do you know what deserve means?
Me: ‘No, what?
Molly: ‘I get a toy‘ :)

Molly 8/9/10: ‘imagine if clouds were full of pee pee, when it rains it would fall down on the grass – and destroy cats‘! (whaa?)

Molly: ‘let’s go somewhere mummy
Me: ‘ok – let’s go so….to Paris!. we can get there by plane’
Molly: ‘a plane is too high
Me: ‘ok, we can go by boat then’
Molly” ‘a boat is too wobbly – I only want to go in the car to Tesco

When picking the bedtime story…
‘I don’t want that book -
it make’s me weird’
‘I don’t want that book - it makes my ears bigger’
‘I don’t want that book - there’s no wedding part, and no beautiful shoes with heels’

‘My eyes are like a computer, they shut down at nighttime when I’m sleeping and start again in the morning when I wake up’ (this one scared me!)

While driving yesterday the driver in front of me had his right indicator on when turning left – I was venting, as one does! The wise ‘old’ head from the back seat advised ‘call 999 mom, calm down

At a restaurant one day her dad said: ‘I love Molly more than fish‘….to which M replied but I’m not lunch daddy!!

When her daddy tried to teach her the correct way of pronouncing ‘excuse me’ (she says obscuse me) she dismissed him with ‘I’ll say that when I’m bigger

What she called her CD player - ‘her singing box’

I handed her a small bag of jellies and she asked me did I buy them – I told her yes, of course. She went quiet for a minute and then asked ‘did you buy me in a shop when I was a baby?

Every time she has a headcold and we give her a tissue to try and get her to blow her nose she says: ‘I’m not a blowing child’

When I wouldn’t wash sand off one of her dolls for her, right that very second:  you ruined my life (I can’t wait until she’s a teenager!)

To her best friend at their afternoon nursery: oh Ellie, you’re such a drama queen (pot calling kettle…)

moto motoWhen her dad attempted to climb onto her new big bed for a cuddle: get out, this bed is not for moto motos (big and chunky hippo in Madagascar 2 – click to view our favourite clip when moto meets gloria)

When told to pick a book for bedtime she lazily said ‘I’m not a picking child

A drama queen bedtime moment: ‘you read Pretend Ellie a story, and you didn’t read me one, this is a disaster‘!

I learned that at fun school‘ – her answer for everything these days. I can’t correct even the most far-fetched stuff ’cause she learned it at Montessori


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