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When MollyMoo Met CurlyBirds

This weekend was so so special I just had to write about it….

Helen of CurlyBirds, who I have mentioned many time on the blog before has been a close ‘virtual’ friend for nearly three years now. Living in Nashville Tennessee with her husband Eric and gorgeous curly haired twin girls called Kira and Nola, Helen and I began communicating, supporting and inspiring eachother on our blogging journey. We became friends, virtual friends, close friends, vowing to meet ‘some’ day and get our girls together for a playdate.

Well the opportunity finally landed in our laps when Eric was invited to work in the UK for a few weeks this summer, and they accepted my invitation to hop on over to Ireland for a week’s holiday while they were this close, and stay in our small coastal retreat in West Cork. Helen and family arrived last Wednesday!!!

We drove down and spent Saturday and Sunday with them, Helen and I bonding as if we knew eachother all our lives and the girls became inseparable. Molly, Kira and Nola, being only 6months apart in age, were so adorable together – there were many hugs, Molly sandwiches!!, making of dens, playing house in the long hay, running down sand dunes, hunting for rabbits, exploring the most south easterly tip of Ireland and waving across at America… and just chatting…. plenty plenty chatting.

It was beautiful. It was, as Helen puts it, ‘stellar’.

We all dreaded breaking up the girls yesterday evening when we had to go our separate ways, we knew tears would be shed. Molly sobbed away in the car for at least 40mins just repeating ‘please take me back, please take me back’ and ‘will I ever see them again?’ (so heartbreaking). I too was also mopping up my own waterworks – the bond I felt with Helen was so strong I too did not want to leave – my virtual friend is now a real, close and dear dear friend. I miss her already.

We’re going to just have to travel to Nashville next year, if we can wait that long :)

Here are a few precious pics from our two days together… Helen has a few pics of she and I together, I can’t wait to get them when she gets back to Nashville and frame. I think I’ll make a special book of memories for the girls xx

whenmollymoonetcurlybirdsI should have handed the camera to one of the hubbies and jumped in for this MollyMoo/CurlyBirds sandwich…


We visited our ‘other halves’ fishing on the pier just down from our house – they were ‘fish-less’!!!

We kept our eyes peeled for the whale spotted close to the pier over the past three weeks, a seal was all that popped up to say hi!!

Exploring the Mizen Head headlands and it’s hidden treasures, even when the sign said “no unauthorised access” – you’re in Ireland now Helen :))

Helen, Eric and the girls just couldn’t get enough…

Off to the beach after lunch for some fun on the dunes
…who can stay on their feet the longest girls :)

These ‘caterpillars that look like bees” caught the girls eyes at the beach, they carried a few around in their cupped little hands as pets…

pet-caterpillarMolly was very attached to her fluffy wee guy – her first ever pet – who she named ‘Crawlie’. She even kissed him on the head and in return he ‘pooped on her hand’ :D

Back at the house every now and then a head would pop up from between the hay – the girls had flattened a few circular areas to play house, they would move from the bedroom to the kitchen to the office!! Molly was the mom :)


Helen and I overhead Molly telling the girls they were the ‘best friends she ever had’ and our hearts just melted on the spot…
Gifts of drawings were made by the girls for eachother, this sweet nugget by Nola sums up our beautiful weekend – life is good :)curly_birds_drawing

I miss you already Helen *hugs & kisses*


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