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Wine Cork Crafts: Pocket Pals

Feeling the need to shut off and do something miniature and focused in a quiet little corner this weekend I decided it was high-time to add to our pocket pal toy collection with a few special little animals friends. Our newest wine cork craft characters join an ever talented circus troop, created for Anorak Magazine this time last year – has it really been that long!!!


With just some wine corks, styrofoam balls, glue and paint you too can create some pocket pals to play with at home, or take on holidays with you.

Here’s how they came together…..

Wine Cork Crafts

First (this part is for grown ups) chop a few wine corks in half with a kitchen knife, and cut a slim slice off the styrofoam balls, so you get a straight edge to glue onto the wine cork.


wine-cork-craft1Use a fast drying glue or glue gun to secure the styrofoam balls to the corks.

Using your finger or brush spread some craft glue over the surfaces and paste on a layer of thin white tissue paper or kitchen roll. The reason I do this is that when dry you have a ‘uniform’ paint-friendly surface to create with, and also it binds the cork with the ball seamlessly.


Leave overnight to dry.

Now it’s time to have fun decorating
… and see your characters come to life

First decide what animals you want to make and with very light pencil draw on a few features to guide you when painting on your body colors.

Use black paint, or black Sharpie marker to add the detail and features


For the fluffy little lamb I brushed some glue on to the top of the head and around the body and dipped and rolled in little bits of wool that I had trimmed off some pom poms recently (I never throw anything out!!)


For the ears and tail on the fox, eyes for the frog, the lamb’s ears and owl’s face I cut little shapes out of a sheet of white craft foam, glued them on with the glue gun and painted.

For the bee’s antennae and frogs arms I just wrapped some black embroidery thread around little pieces of wire (a stretched out paper clip will work perfectly).

and voila!! you have the cutest pocket pals for getting into all sorts of mischief at home and in the car.

let your imagination take flight….

Michelle xx





wine-cork-frog -wine-cork-pocket-pals-

crafts by Michelle McInerney of MollyMoo-

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19 Responses to “Wine Cork Crafts: Pocket Pals”

  1. Hollie says:

    I was so happy to find this tutorial! I have a collection of wine corks that I’ve been trying to decide what to do with. My kiddos with love your Pocket Pals. Thanks for the share!

  2. imakehens says:

    oh goodie, please come and share your kids’ pocket pals on my FB page – I’d love to see the collection grow :)
    I love getting comments and feedback so thank you Hollie xx

  3. Nichole says:

    Visiting from Tuesday Tots :)
    These are super cute – pinning

  4. These are very very cute! Although, we don’t seem to get much wine with corks these days so I’ll have to be on the look out!

    Thanks for linking up for Mummy Mondays and sorry it took me a while to leave a comment.

  5. This is brilliant!
    Its a good excuse for opening a bottle of wine or two!

  6. Mum of One says:

    They are the cutest! Thank you so much for sharing with the pin it party. I will definitely try this out. I have pinned to our main board and to my own kiddy-crafty-craftiness board and also to our new google plus page here:

  7. Kathleen says:

    What a fantastic tutorial! I love the idea since I have way too many corks laying around. :) Thank you!

  8. Otilia says:

    Wow! These look like so much fun. Pinned as the @romanianmum

  9. imakehens says:

    oh so cool, thanks Mum of One for all your pinning and sharing, much appreciated *hugs*

  10. Kay says:

    These are so cute – my kids will love making these! At first I thought they were made with champagne corks. If you’re looking for more wine corks, a great place is – all sorts of corks for crafts!

  11. imakehens says:

    oooooh I’m liking the “cork string” – thanks for the link Kay, and the lovely comment xx

  12. Margaret says:

    Adorable! I’m especially enamored of that fox.

  13. christine says:

    i love everything you make !!!

  14. laura says:

    oh my – what sweeties! the bee is just adorable :)

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  17. Thank you very much for this amazing idea and tutorial! Brilliant.
    You inspired me to create some classic cartoon character versions for my Toddler Activities for Dads blog. I’m really proud of how they turned out, thanks to you.

    You can see what they ended up looking like here:

  18. Michelle says:

    Oh they look utterly gorgeous, nice one dad :)

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