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bringing some extra comfort & reassurance to bedtime

Meet Izzie – Molly’s new nocturnal bed friend. Izzie’s job is to watch over M while she sleeps and whisper happy thoughts to her while she dreams, so that her night terrors fade away.

M’s night terrors started two weeks before midterm and only happened on school nights, very distressing for her and me!! so a cuddle size owl was my first thought of how I could help bring some extra comfort and reassurance to my little peanut.

I cut and shaped all the felt pieces over one evening, using jars, tubs of polyfilla! and bottle tops to outline the circle shapes, and my beady eyes to shape the rest.

Over four nights I sewed together the features for the front and then together M and I left the felt pieces at Fairy Willow’s door, for her to fill with her special magic. On Saturday morning Molly came downstairs to find Izzie, finished, with a note from Willow. We sat on the bottom step to read how Willow with the help of a few springtime fairy friends had worked on a corner each and filled Izzie with a special mix of daisy petals, dandelion puffs and fairy magic. Willow asked that Molly love and mind Izzie, knowing that her fairy friend’s love is inside…. and all I can say is ‘hook, line and sinker’. Molly dictated a mini thank you note (you have to use teeny tiny writing for fairies) and knelt beside the door for a secret chat :))
M is back in school since Monday – no night terrors – I’m holding my breath!!

night one: all the felt pieces are shaped and cut

night two & three: stitched the detail onto the front face

close up of the feather detail - I even gave her a belly button :)

detail of the wing & feet. I put a little padding behind the red belly patch to make it more cuddly

The GORGEOUS printed felt is by Lu Summers – the first time I’ve been brave enough to cut and use – it seemed a shame to cut into such beautiful illustration work, and nothing seemed worthy, before Izzie :)


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