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Christmas Crafts: Papier Mache Snowman

I’m vibrating with excitement with how these little guys turned out, teetering on the edge of a craft fail at one stage*, they persevered to become the cutest darn snow couple in Snowdom…

I was suffering a bit of papier mache withdrawl over the past few weeks so Christmas Crafts on MollyMoo just had to begin with newspaper and glue :)

christmas crafts, papier mache snowman

christmas crafts, papier mache snowman

papier mache snowman, christmas crafts for kids


Papier Mache Snowmen – Here’s How To Make Yours

All you need in terns of materials per snowman is a milkshake bottle or similar, ball of newspaper, white paint, artificial/confetti snow (can be substituted with flaky sea salts, Maldon sea salt or similar).

To accessorise I just cut up an old wooly hat :)


Stage One: Tape the newspaper ball to the top of the plastic bottle


Stage Two:
Papier mache over the entire surface and leave overnight to dry. One layer is enough you will be delighted to read!!


Stage Three:
‘lash’ on some white paint and while wet sprinkle over the loose confetti snow, patting it into place where needed.


Stage Four
: when the paint is dry to the touch it’s time to accessorise
– I took a scissors to an old wooly hat to make the shawl and scarf, held in place at the front with a little Copydex glue. The buttons are fixed in place with glue also
– The earmuffs are made by wrapping a piece of soft wire with embroidery thread, glued into place with a pom pom over each ear
– A light pink coloured colouring pencil gave the cheeky their frosty glow
– Dots of black paint for the eyes and mouth
– I rolled a tiny piece of paper into a cone shape and glued it onto the face to make the nose, and painted it orange.


tada, you have a snowman…. or snow-woman :)


*So the craft fail mentioned above!!!!! well I first thought it would be cool (and fun for Molly) to just spray snow over the papier mache, and when dry we could accessorise. Well the pressurised can of artifical snow was an absolute disaster – if I painted first before spraying it wouldn’t have been too bad but the pressurised snow just didn’t work. I was going to throw it all out but in a lightbulb moment I tried wiping off all the dry sprayed snow with some kitchen paper and thankfully the papier mache cores were perfect underneath – no mush :)



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