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Homemade Bubble Mix

If you’ve got kids you’ll know oh too well that half the bubble mix always ends up in the grass!! so the most cost effective (and rewarding) option is to make your own bubble solution and you’ll never run out. Being that we are having such a great summer this year there’s plenty of time every day to be outside floating around on the whim of the wind…… just like a bubble :)

Some bubbles rise up to the sky
Some bubbles don’t I don’t know why
Easily popped by just one touch
Easily missed by way to much…


There are so many recipes for homemade bubble mix available online I decided to go with what seemed to be the most common and popular – less trial and error for little oul me.

Every Day Ingredients – water, washing-up liquid and glycerine (note eco-washup liquid doesn’t really work). I found the glycerine in my local pharmacy – they can always order it for you for following day collection if they don’t have it in stock.


Homemade Bubble Mix – The Recipe:
Gently add 4 tablespoons of washup liquid and 2 tablespoons of glycerine to 1 cup of water (multiply for larger quantities).

Do NOT *mix* the ingredients after you add all together – you don’t want to get the solution all frothy on top – just let them settle slowly together. Just stir once very gently to encourage the binding process to commence.

Leave the solution for minimum 3 days at room temperature for it to bind fully together, and gently stir once each day only. Leave for a week if you can for even better bubbles :)

NOW it’s time to blow some bubbles, chase them down and pop! pop! pop!

Bubbles floating all around
Bubbles fat and bubbles round
Bubbles on my toes and nose
Blow a bubble…up it goes!


….and sometimes bubbles go up your nose!!

….and if you’re Molly you of course dance with bubbles….catching-bubbles
…then Capt. Kidult had a go blowing giant bubbles, much to the wide eyed wonderment of Little Miss :) I have to make more solution no for her to ‘go big’!!

I saw this ingenious DIY giant bubble wand made from drinking straws and wool on Happy Houligans and just HAD to give it a go!! – just use two drinking straws, and thread through a long length of wool (probably 6 to 8 times longer than the length of one straw). Knot the wool and off you go!


Give a gift of bubbles

I’ve brought a few jars of the bubble mix to friends over the past two weeks when they’ve had Molly over for playdates – I think it makes for a really sweet gift for families with kids.

Download my Homemade Bubbles Gift Tag here if you too would like to share the joy with others :)

have fun xxx
* sincere thanks to my craft blogging friends who offered their tips on stirring and resting the mixture, and what wash-up liquid to use etc, saved me hours or googling and testing :)


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