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tech tip: usb drive for your iphone

Ever had the situation where you had an image on your computer and you wanted to share it on Instagram, and the only way you could do it was to post the image to facebook, or your blog, and take a screenshot of it on your phone ? well frustration be gone my friends I have the solution for you – a tried and tested solution here at mollymoo.

Now I DO like my toys!! and especially iphone toys!!! (I am so spoiled :) and my i-FlashDrive is pretty much the most genius little tech toy in my playroom.


The i-FlashDrive is a thumb drive that plugs both into USB drives, iPhones and iPads! You can just drag and drop to move pictures from your laptop to your iphone, from your iphone to your ipad and any combination thereof, without syncing. There’s a free little app that does it all for you – see told you… genius!

On one end there’s a USB 2.0 plug and on the other is a removable Lightning dock connector compatible with iPhone 5, iPad Mini/4 and other Lightning iDevices. Remove the lightening connector to reveal the 30-pin dock connector for previous generation Apple idevices.

I only use my i-FlashDrive for transferring photos and graphics, and it’s lightening fast at that, but I have read it slows down when transferring video files…. but I’m willing to let that go :)

You can get the drive in 8mb, 16mb and 32mb but as it’s not exactly cheap!! I went for the 8mb one and had the lightening adapter already.


get ready to add to cart from Amazon

or put it on your Santa list :)


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