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mum to mum – simple messages of support

Where do I start??
Last March I spent the most amazing and joyful week of my life in Northern Kenya as part of the Become A Friend team, meeting the most beautiful children and their open hearted, welcoming traditional Maasai parents. A truly unique experience. Really respectful, strong communities – we could learn much!

This trip was life changing – meeting kids who, in the face of such hunger and poverty, just keep smiling, singing, playing and dreaming of a future, and handworking mums who (backbreakingly) build the family home, fetch water from miles away, and basically keep their malnourished kids alive. Their lives are NOT easy but they, like their fellow mums all over the world, just get on with it. Craft, mainly beaded jewellery like what you see in this photograph, is really the mums only way of supporting the family – trading what they make for a goat, or just some maize, at market 25km walk away. With no electricity the mums make jewellery in daylight hours – one beaded bracelet can take two to three weeks to make!

Through our modest BAF project we support a handful of schools in the community – information sharing between Maasai, UK and Irish school children, creative projects, positive role model initiatives (especially for the girls) and environmental and health awareness education. Strengthening the role of schools in the community is key to ensuring more families send their children to be educated, and by keeping the girls in school we can delay early marriage (and early pregnancy) so the girls are older and can make better life decisions for themselves.

But I would also love to do something for the mums, in so many many ways ‘the forgotten ones’. Going to school was not an option for them, most were married from as young as 14 to a man with possibly more than one wife, and more than one family.

So where am I going with this?
I hope to travel to Northern Kenya again this coming September and would LOVE to bring simple Messages of Support from mums like you, all over the world to these extraordinary ladies. Rather ambitious I know, but worth a shot. I will gather all your comments on this blog post, bring them with me in September and sit amongst the mums to read them aloud, have a giggle, and a hug :)

Will you take part?
Please add your beautiful voice with a message from/to mums

Just [read on] to see more gorgeous photos and leave a short message for the mums in the comment box. Alternatively you can email your message through to me :)

thank you, Michelle xxoo

a maasai mum’s home, made of mud and sticks

the maasai mums love to sing & dance (i joined in and looked like a funky chicken – great amusement)

the kiddos :)




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