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Cute Pom Pom Craft – My Pet Bee

This weekend Molly and I were in a pom pom craft bubble – neither of us could get enough! The spark was ignited by my experimenting with making striped pom poms, which morphed into a bee (I didn’t set out to make a bee :) and once Molly held her newest little pet in her hands she was inspired to join me at the craft table to make.

That formula is what’s working best in our house at the moment, I let Molly join in and initiate rather than me forcing anything on her. Because I make so often I am ever conscious of turning her off. Now that I let her dictate the when and what she creates more and more importantly enjoys it more. I love nothing more than to pass the craft room door with a bundle of laundry in my arms and glance at her quietly making at the craft table after finding a little of this and a little of that around the house :)

So back to the bee!!

pom pom bee craft for kids

pom pom bee craft for kids

pom pom bee craft for kids

All you need to recreate is

Pom Pom Maker – the Clover ones we use are so easy to masker for kids and can be used over and over again. You can of course use cardboard circles and other store bought pom pom makers instead.

Wool – two colours
Black pipe cleaners

Start my filling your pom pom maker as shown, with stripes of coloured wool.

pom pom bee craft for kids

When filled cut through and tie your pom pom tightly around the centre, leaving the binding wool length long .

pom pom bee craft for kidspom pom bee craft for kids

Trim the pom pom to make a nice neat ball.

pom pom bee craft for kids

Make another smaller pom pom in single colour black and repeat the trimming.

pom pom bee craft for kids

Line up both the body and head and tie them together with the longer wool length from the body piece. Pull the head tight against the body – you don’t want a wobbly head!

pom pom bee craft for kids

pom pom bee craft for kids

Finish your bee by weaving a thin black pipe cleaner through the head and curl the ends so there’s no hurty pointy bits.

Draw a pair of wings on a piece of white cardstock with a black Sharpie, cut them out and glue them in between the wool strands to the bee’s body.

pom pom bee craft for kids

pom pom bee craft for kids





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