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the story of a ‘putt putt boat’

Imaginative play and storytelling…..
inspired by a humble milk carton

I’ve been planning on making a milk carton boat for some time…so yesterday, when Molly was at a birthday party, I plucked one out of the fridge and got busy (anything to avoid housework!!) and later putting the finishing touches on when she was gone to bed.

Now Molly is not really a morning person!! but Oh My Giddiness was she on form this morning – so super excited when the little milk carton boat was sitting there on the kitchen table waiting for her. Without taking a breath she ran straight back up to her bedroom to get ‘something’ and arrived down with her little crochet princess doll – “see mom I knew she could sit in there”

Between spoonfuls of weetabix her little imagination took flight and the following gorgeous little story popped out (such a proud mammy today :)

Princess and The Sevens
“Once there was a princess in a big high castle.
All these days she practiced her ballet.
All of a sudden a caveman arrived!!
Then the princess ran down the stairs to see who it was.
She ran back up, and the caveman followed her.
She slammed the door.
The caveman heard the slam.
He followed the sniff
And the sniff stopped at the ballet room door.
He waited until she was asleep and took her!!
She woke up in a teeny little boat.

The caveman stopped at a boney, stinky, old house – yucky.
The poor princess had to do ALL the work.
One day when she was working outside she looked in the window, and the caveman was asleep.
She hoped in the boat and sailed off to Syracuse!!

When it was bedtime she went fast asleep,

And when she woke she opened her eyes and was in Syracuse.
She lived happily ever after.
The end”

word for word by Molly age 6 :)

Notes: She’s called ‘Princess & The Sevens’ because she is 7yrs old!
I love that the caveman sniffs her scent like a dog, how funny :)
I love that Molly just stuffed her down in the boat at bedtime :)
and she told me she heard of Syracuse in her Sinbad dvd (google just confirmed!!)

Jump on for the step by step photographs

How To Make A Milk Carton Boat

Materials needed: tetra-pak carton, paint, bbq skewer, fabric and piece of play foam
1. With a craft knife in hand I cut a rectangle out of the top and two circles from each side of a tetra-pak carton
2. With household paint I gave the carton two coats to completely cover the bright juice carton graphics

3. When dry I drew with a ruler and flexicurve the lines I wanted on the boat and got some nice bright acrylic paint out
4. Cut the pointy tip off the bbq skewer
5. I cut a piece out of bit of Molly’s hopscotch foam mat to hold the skewer/mast in place

6. Lightly scrape the inside base of the carton where you will be standing the mast so the glue has something to grip onto (juice cartons etc have a shiny/slippery coating inside). I use my hot glue craft gun for all these little projects – dries rock hard in a few seconds.
7. Next cut the fabric – double the width of the sail so it folds around the mast/skewer.
8. Paint some pva on one side of the sail, fold it over the mast and smooth the two sides together
9. Glue a bead on the top of the skewer to make it safer and prettier
10. Get the teddy :)


I think this is my favourite post, since starting my blog just two short years ago. Inspired by some awesome inspiration on Pinterest



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